Weighing the cost of Ibogaine treatment against that of continued addiction

There is no denying the current world crisis with addiction. This is led by the opioid addiction in the United Sates where 5% of the words’ population consumes roughly 80% of all opioids in the world.

On top of this, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and alcohol addiction are all reaching staggering levels. When we say, “you are not alone” when comes to addiction, it is a fact: there are so many others who suffer with this same problem.

This has, however, come with a range of effective treatment alternatives that are beginning to gain traction around the world.

The way out: Transforming your life through rehab and detox.

Today there are plenty of options out there, and many with success stories to back it up. This proves that, even though it is not always easy, addiction can be overcome. One of the most intense, but effective, treatments for addiction is claimed to be Ibogaine treatment – for which patient testimonials is rapidly growing.

Experience Ibogaine treatment centers (https://ExperienceIbogaine.com), based in Mexico, specializes in treating addiction through a combination of guidance and the administration of Ibogaine under the supervision of medical Doctors. They aspire to lead the way both in terms of quality and price in the field of medical Ibogaine.

It has to be said that although Ibogaine is not for everyone and strict medical screening may prevent some patient’s treatment: it does work well for many addicts, which is an assertion that is backed by many research papers.

Here is just one example of Experience Ibogaine and the success they have had treating patients with Ibogaine…

But once an individual has made the decision to try Ibogaine treatment there is one looming question, “how much will Ibogaine treatment cost me?”
The Cost of Ibogaine Treatment

Let’s break down some of the costs associated with addiction.

There is a cost of lost opportunities.

There is a cost of missing out on education, careers, family, and an entire range of things that are so important in life.

The economic cost is there as well. Missing out on work, worrying about getting fired, and, not to mention, the actual cost of drug addiction. It can get very expensive.

Now if we return to the question: “How much does Ibogaine treatment and rebab cost?”, the prevailing argument is that the cost of NOT breaking free from addiction will far exceed treatment cost whichever way you look at it.

There are different segments within the market. Of course, a Senior Executive with a private jet may be able to afford a luxury, upscale, 2-week intensive program at a $25,000 ticket.

But, Experience Ibogaine is working hard to make beachside, luxury accommodations affordable for anyone and everyone dealing with addiction so that the treatment is experienced in beautiful environment.

According to Experience Ibogaine: “When it comes to Ibogaine treatment, most clinics are going to charge between $8,000 and $10,000 for the exact same treatment that we offer. However we are able to do it for less. We believe strongly that between $5,000 to $7,000 is reasonable for a medically supervised Ibogaine experience in an upscale, resort style setting.”

For those considering Ibogaine treatment, it does seem that Experience Ibogaine as a facility strives to provide the right balance between luxury, cost, and medical expertise.

But whatever treatment method you choose, the cost of continued addiction is too high. And addiction is too dangerous. Wherever you are at right now, it makes sense to do all that you can to break free from addiction in whatever way works for you.


Drug addiction is a sensitive issue. Some individuals get hooked while taking prescriptions for pain. Others get hooked as they climb their way up the addiction ladder from alcohol to stronger drugs.

Drug addiction is a real problem, and it can be extremely hard to break. Once the addiction sets in, withdrawal can be intense. This is why traditional rehab doesn’t work for everyone.

If traditional methods have not worked for you, Ibogaine may offer a different option that may work better for you.

But it is not a cure. Aeden Smith-Ahearn, treatment coordinator for Experience Ibogaine, often says this to addicts considering Ibogaine treatment:

“Although Ibogaine cannot force you to change, it can give you a head start unlike any other treatment for addiction in the world.”

Ibogaine is just one alternative treatment method. Always speak with a professional before making any decisions regarding Ibogaine treatment and your own personal addiction. Success is completely possible. Take the time to find the right method that works for you.

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