Extracting the Best of Science with Xtraction Services: The Revolution of the Cannabis Industry

For all the excitement about the financial and scientific potential of the cannabis industry, the companies that have the best chance to succeed are the ones with the means to achieve the economies of scale to expand rapidly –– and rapidly adjust to regulatory requirements that differ in various states. Hence the rise of “Extraction-as-a-Service” from Xtraction Services, which offers businesses the equipment and expertise to maximize success by minimizing, if not eliminating, the time, training and money that is otherwise necessary for expansion.

Without this service, and in lieu of access to CO2 extraction machines that do not require retrofitting, absent this feature and the attendant savings of not having to convert an extraction machine from the botanical industry to one for the cannabis space, not even the most promising brand can grow as quickly – and as safely – as the market demands, to meet the demands of consumers, investors, regulators and other relevant groups.

Dr. Dwayne Dundore, a thermal dynamics engineer and the creator of the XS extraction machine, understands this matter of logistics. He says: “Cannabis is far heartier than botanicals, which helps explain why it is called ‘weed.’”

Dundore’s knows of what he speaks, considering he has more than 30 years of experience involving the design, construction and deployment of supercritical extraction units for the likes of Scientific Applications International Corporation (SAIC), General Atomics and the U.S. Department of Defense.

He continues: “Working with highly respected operators, such as Knox Medical, has allowed us to rapidly iterate and launch our units.” That scalability is indispensable to the cannabis industry throughout the United States and Canada; because no company, not even the most innovative of businesses, nor the most influential of business models, can reach critical mass in so little time with so much overhead –– unless it adopts Extraction-as-a-Service.

By removing the upfront costs for machines and staffing, in addition to the expense of standard operating procedures, oil extractors can transcend typically insurmountable shortages of cash and dilution in equity for their respective companies. Translation: Less debt means more opportunity, period.

That opportunity – those opportunities – redounds to the benefit of everyone, elevating the most promising brands by making good on the promise of the cannabis industry to revolutionize so many facets of science, technology, health care, investments, research and development, and discovery –– at home and abroad.