Fertility Help for Young Couples

Fertility issues affect a significant percentage of couples, and it can be quite frustrating to those who are trying to have baby, but they can’t. Infertility is defined as the inability for a sexually active couple to conceive after trying for a year or more. Infertility is caused by several factors; some affect both genders, while, there are those specific for each gender.

The most common causes of infertility include stress, poor nutrition, sexually transmitted diseases, obesity, hormonal problems, excessive exercise, and eating disorders. Fortunately, couples don’t have to result in medical options to treat infertility. There exist natural remedies that work effectively. Here are some of the proven methods.

Eating a healthy diet

One of the non-medical infertility treatments includes eating a proper and healthy diet. Couples need to know that there are foods they need to avoid because they affect fertility. The healthy diet should comprise of organic foods. Why? They only contain natural ingredients and they are free from synthetic pesticides that could affect fertility.

Additionally, couples with fertility issues should consume foods that are rich in vitamin C. Such foods promote sperm production in men, plus they trigger ovulation in women. Other essential nutrients that promote fertility include vitamin E, folic acid, zinc, and foods that contain Omega 3 fatty acids such as fish.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, high-fat processed meats, grains, and drugs.


Another effective treatment for fertility problems is acupuncture. The process has been around for thousands of years, but it was initially recorded in China. The treatment involves the placement of thin needles at different points on your body. Keep in mind that the insertion technique, the size, and style of needle used can vary.

The insertion technique targets energetic imbalances, and it is believed to improve fertility by promoting blood flow to a woman’s uterus, enhancing implantation. The treatment also helps to balance hormones that help regulate ovulation.

Moreover, acupuncture helps release beta-endorphins, improves reproductive hormonal function, and has a stress-relieving effect. There are couples who have gone for fertility acupuncture in Boston because of the expected benefits.

Get more sleep

Getting enough sleep is imperative in improving fertility. Failure to get enough sleep causes stress, plus it can affect the ability of women to conceive. You also need to know that sleep has a significant impact on your body’s hormonal system. That means that getting little sleep might distort your ovulation cycle, affecting your possibility of getting pregnant. It is recommended to get eight hours of sleep every night.

Use essential oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries to treat a number of conditions. And if you didn’t know, you can also use essential oils to naturally solve fertility issues. The essential oils that treat infertility in men include thyme and sandalwood, while, those that work well for women include thyme, roman chamomile, and ylang ylang essential oils.


If you didn’t know, exercising is one of the most effective and natural infertility treatments. However, women need to know that moderate exercise is recommended if they wish to conceive. If you are an athlete that is quite active with your exercising, you are advised to reduce your exercises from vigorous to moderate.

Exercising is good because it helps to reduce anxiety and stress, which is a good thing when a couple is trying to get pregnant. Exercising may also help obese women to lose some weight, and this helps to boost fertility.

Besides, exercising is an excellent way to balance your hormones. Exercising helps you to sleep better and boost your mood, and this can help to improve a person’s sexual desire. But exercises should not be overdone or else they’ll decrease fertility.