Read Customer Reviews When Selecting CBD For Your Dog

CBD is flooding the pet industry. You can find dog treats, topical sprays, tinctures, balms, capsules, shampoos, and more dog products containing CBD oil. Everyday new CBD pet manufacturers and companies are popping up. With such a wide selection to choose from, it can make a good practice to read some real customer reviews to gauge the quality of their products and services offered.

Why CBD Product Reviews Matter

Because CBD laws can vary, it allows shady business tactics to fester due to the lack of regulations. This is why peer reviews of products and their companies can be so valuable. Some shady CBD companies sell cheap products with little to no CBD, even though the label displays a certain CBD mg amount.

These companies are ripping innocent people off because they can get away with it for now.

But, this is a business practice that will not last long. The company may make good initial sales but when people use the product and it doesn’t work, you can be sure this will generate negative feedback. This is usually in the form one negative online reviews.

Too many bad reviews will eventually hurt if not ruin a company’s reputation. Companies with bad reputations struggle to survive. However, if a company receives tons of great reviews you can bet that the company’s sales and reputation should rise.  This is why writing reviews is important for fellow consumers and competing businesses.

Compare CBD Product Reviews From Different Sources

Pay attention to the reviews listed on the website of product you are researching. It is good to see what reviews people are leaving on the website. A good company should be proud to display what their customers are saying. A well-established company will normally have dozens of reviews. Here is a good example of CBD for dogs reviews from an amazing pet CBD company.

You should also look for reviews by independent consumers who have tried the product. Search the web; if the company is established or has a reputation there should be plenty of reviews spread throughout the Internet. This way you get a wider, more realistic view of how the products and company preform.   

Look for a Transparent CBD Company

If you are scouring CBD companies looking for the best one, you want one you can trust. When people refer to a company being “transparent” they are stating the company hides nothing from consumers. You want a CBD company that is transparent. A company that is easy to get a hold of can offer you help with any questions or information.

Things To Look for When Choosing CBD Products

  • Is the company established? How long has it been around? It is always a wise decision to go with a company has been around (more than a year). An established company show that they are doing something right to stay in business. A steady business can be a sign of a steady product.
  • Does the company have “certificate of analysis” (COA) for their products. This certificate shows the latest lab testing results for the products or CBD they use in their production. A COA lists CBD potency, along with the percent in any of other beneficial cannabinoids present.
  • You want to go with a company with a large amount of good reviews on their products and services. Research reviews and testimonials.
  • You may wish to look for a company with free shipping if ordering online.
  • The ingredients included besides the CBD are important as well. You should want to get a healthy treat for your dog. Maybe even a treat with many beneficial ingredients. Look for the words organic, vegan, natural, and cruelty-free on the label. Usually companies who choose high quality ingredients generally care about the quality of their products. They value what they provide for their customers.


Real reviews are great resources when it comes to product and company research. If you follow the above list and look for the recommended qualities you should end up finding a quality CBD product made by a good company. CBD has shown massive amounts of evidence that it can help many dog ailments as well as increase the immune system, improve overall health, and offer many dogs a better quality of life.