Fitness on a Budget: 4 of the Best Workout Apps to Download Now

The fitness industry is booming, and according to Forbes, two of the leading causes for it are the rise in wearables and the ability to stream workout classes. 

With expensive boutique fitness classes and gym memberships, it’s no wonder that people are searching for a less expensive option to meet their health goals — one that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.  

But the downside to the surge in popularity is the high concentration of fitness apps. Their number is overwhelming, especially for those new to fitness, who don’t know what to expect. 

Whether you’re starting from ground zero and looking for basic tips to stay in shape or you’re a seasoned workout junkie, there’s something out there for any lifestyle. 

Here are some of the best fitness apps to try in 2019. 

Best Workout App for Tracking Food and Workouts: MyFitnessPal

Rating Apple Store: 4.7

Rating Google Play: 4.6

Cost: Free

MyFitnessPal is a long-standing workout app that’ has been around since 2005. Its longevity alone is a strong indicator of its effectiveness. It’s ideal for people who are already on a fitness plan and counting calories and/or macros (carbohydrates, protein, sugar, etc.).

The app has an incredibly in-depth log of common foods like wheat toast or blueberries, along with information from restaurant chains like McDonalds and Olive Garden. If a specific brand or item isn’t available, users can add in their own products by manually inputting the nutritional information or scanning the barcode of a product.

When it comes to fitness, users can search for their workouts in the Strength Training or Cardio section. It’s important to note that when entering workouts under Strength Training, it will not calculate calories burned. However, when the same workouts are added in the cardio section, the app will calculate calories burned.

Just like any calorie/fitness tracker, it’s important to know that estimates are not exact.

Best Workout App for Fitness Classes: Fiton

Rating Apple Store: 4.6

Rating Google Play: 4.3

Cost: $14.99 Monthly/$59.99 Annual

Every few months, there seems to be a new popular fitness class that everyone is dying to try. However, these classes often come with a hefty price tag and challenging class times. 

Fiton pretty much takes away all of the downsides of group fitness to create the best workout app for boutiques studio classes on the market. 

There’s absolutely no equipment required to get started. Users can take classes solo or invite friends to join. There’s even an optional live letterboard that allows students to see how they rank amongst their peers. 

Cardio, strength training, HIIT, barre — literally any type of fitness class you can think of is available. The classes are all guided by an industry-leading trainer, making this the best home workout option for fitness class junkies. The app offers a seven-day free trial, so you can sign up and try it out before committing to a long-term plan. 

Best Workout App for Tracking Recovery: Whoop 

Rating Apple Store: 3.6

Rating Google Play: 3.5

Cost: Free

Whoop is for serious athletes who aren’t just looking to fine-tune their fitness regimen but to perfect their overall health too. 

The app is only usable with its coinciding “whoop strap,” which is a wearable fitness tracker. 

It covers in-depth metrics that visualize workout strain, recovery, and sleep cycles into easy-to-digest charts that clearly show areas of success and areas that could use improvement. 

Whoop is also about bringing a sense of community to the home workout. Users can join teams and participate in challenges.

This app also boasts some impressive results from members. Some claimed to have reduced their resting heart rate, increased their heart rate variability, got an additional 41 minutes of sleep nightly, had fewer injuries and drank less alcohol — all after using the app regularly.

The Best Workout App for Aspiring Yogis: Daily Yoga

Rating Apple Store: 4.8

Rating Google Play: 4.4

Cost: $9.99 and $12.99 Monthly/$39.99 Annual

Yoga is amazing because it can literally be done anywhere and is accessible to people of all fitness levels. There are faster, more rhythmic styles for those looking to break a sweat and slower practices for those focused on stress relief. It’s a discipline that a person can learn and grow with.

Making it a habit is the hard part, though. 

That’s where Daily Yoga comes in. This app offers hundreds of classes and poses, from meditation to pilates.

There are independent classes as well as programs shaped around different goals. There’s also something for every level of Yogi, so it’s an app that’s easy to stick with for months while improving your fitness and health. 

Whether you’re on vacation, on your lunch break, or incredibly busy trying to stay in shape during the holidays, this app makes adopting a daily yoga practice and an overall healthier lifestyle seamless.

Remember, Fitness Is a Journey

Finding a health and fitness plan “that works” requires a lot of trial and error. It can take years to figure out what type of workout you enjoy, what type of results are realistic, and which routine works best with your lifestyle. These apps can make everything a lot easier and boost your motivation. 

If you lose interest in one app or style of fitness, don’t be discouraged. The key is to keep moving forward until something clicks. Consistency is essential to your success. 

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