Five Somewhat Common Things That Could Be Upsetting Your Stomach

Are you suffering from an upset stomach more than a couple times a week? Do you often have diarrhea or constipation, or sometimes both within a one-week period? Stomach problems can really make it hard to live your life, and there are all sorts of things that could be messing with your digestive system.

There are many digestive diseases that can make you feel all kinds of discomfort, from food allergies to digestive perforations. Unchecked, some digestive illnesses can lead to more problems, including malnutrition and even death. While there are some scary digestive issues, here are some less frightening ones and how they might be affecting you.


For most people, a case of gas and flatulence is no big deal. However, if you’re passing a lot of gas you could be suffering from some other gastric issue. There are some foods that can cause gas, and a normal diet of those foods could make your gas seem scary when you really just need a diet change.

Your gas could also be a sign of inflammation in your system, which could happen in your stomach, intestines, or even your bowels. This could be caused by irritable bowel syndrome, tumors, or other things. Visit your doctor if you think your gas is out of whack.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome has different effects on different people. For some people, it causes constipation, and for others it causes (sometimes uncontrollable) diarrhea. This issue is often triggered by a few things, including diet choices (can be egged on by spicy foods) and anxiety issues.

Food Allergy

Take a look at a list of common food allergies and you may be surprised at the meals you’re eating that could be making you sneezy and itchy, or even putting you into anaphylactic shock, depending on how bad your allergy is. It’s no fun when the food you eat fights back, but you can get tested by an allergist so that you can reform your diet to eat safely.

Lactose Intolerance

Gas, constipation, and diarrhea can all be symptoms of lactose intolerance. While there are mixed messages out there about milk, it seems that people aren’t supposed to drink the milk of other animals, your body just wasn’t designed to properly digest that. If you stop drinking milk and start to feel better, you may be onto something (and you may be the normal person, not the strange one that can easily digest something they shouldn’t be).

Diet Choices

Your diet choices, in general, can cause all kinds of issues in your belly and below. Eating lots of junk food, living on salt and sugar, and a constant diet of fast food can lead to all kinds of stomach issues, as well as a widening waistline.