15 Muscle Building Facts That Blow All Myths Away!

There are so many different myths running around on the web regarding building muscles. For every individual one may ask, a different answer is received. Here we have listed 15 of the most essential facts based on rock solid sciences and decades of coaching experiences.

  1. Building muscles has plenty of correlation with genetics

The fact of the matter is that if your parents are thin naturally or have a smaller body frame, then chances are that you’ll receive similar traits. This doesn’t just mean you have zero chances of gaining a stronger muscular body. It simply means that you will have to work very hard.

  1. The metabolism has a strong effect on size

If you experience difficulty gaining weight, then you probably have a faster metabolism. The body is simply burning calories at a faster pace than you’re consuming them.

  1. There is no general weight gaining program that will provide massive results for all.

The optimal method of finding a program which works well for you is to find somebody who has a similar body type as you and copy their program. There are definitely standard workout exercises that build muscle mass, but there’s plenty more to muscle gaining than just lifting weights.

  1. Training more often doesn’t necessarily equal more muscles

This is definitely one of the hardest concepts for many people to grasp. The simple purpose of body weight training is to boost muscle development. Once that is achieved, the muscles have to repair and new muscle fibers have to be developed, which only occurs when resting.

  1. Isolation exercises won’t get you big rapidly

The best workout exercise that increase the overall muscle mass are those multi-muscle workout exercises. These are the exercises which demand more than a single muscle group. These particular lifts put the most stress on the body. This is the stress which will shock the nervous system into releasing the most amount of muscle gaining hormones.

  1. Free weights gain muscle faster

Free weights are generally preferred over the machines because they tend to make the body work much harder. They demand higher concentration and allow the specific stimulation of the supporting muscles. Machines are great for beginners, as they help with form & basic control, but tend to limit the exercise’s effectiveness.

  1. No pain, no gain

If you just lift the same amount of weights over and over again, you probably won’t get big. As a matter of fact, it may even do the opposite. In order to build muscle mass effectively you must go heavy on weights. This stimulates the type IIB muscle fibers that cause the highest amount of muscle gains. Lifting heavy weights is when the body fails after four to eight repetitions.

  1. Long training workout sessions are not recommended

The ultimate idea is to stimulate muscle mass, and not just hit it from all angles. This should only concern developed bodybuilders who are looking to tone their muscles. Those long training sessions lead to a rise in levels of catabolic hormones. These hormones are responsible for muscle tissue breakdown, which ultimately leads to MUSCLE LOSS. One’s weight training workout session shouldn’t last longer than sixty to seventy-five minutes.

  1. One doesn’t require aerobic exercises to lose body fat


The time that is spent swimming or running is time lost in muscle building & recovery. Building muscle mass is the quickest method of losing body fat. Aerobic activities help lose body fat, but not if you’re on a high caloric diet for the purpose of building muscle mass.

  1. Three meals a day won’t help you gain muscle mass

Eating right is a crucial component of gaining muscle mass. You have to consume food more often and eat much more protein. You need to be eating around every 2-3 hours, which equals to 6 meals a day. Spreading the meals throughout your day will ultimately improve muscle assimilation, and will ensure that the body always possesses the calories needed for muscle development and repair.

  1. Stay Focused

Whether you are just in the beginning of your muscle building road or already a veteran with plenty of experience in the field, you are going to have to stay focused regardless of your situation. Focus is the key!


  1. Lots of fluids intake

If you’re trying to gain muscle mass, don’t neglect the importance of sufficient fluid intake. Drink plenty of water, preferably over 3 Liters per day, as working out excretes plenty of fluids from the body!

  1. Supplements are essential

There are plenty of misconceptions about bodybuilding supplements, but the simple truth is that they are essential for good progression in terms of muscle building.

  1. Keep your progress noted!

All individuals who are trying to gain muscle mass should keep their progress written down on a piece of paper, that way you’re sure of your progression.

  1. Keep going – always!

Regardless of your progress, always keep on going. The road to a great physique is not always easy, and there will be numerous drawbacks along the way, but you must keep going in order to reach your final goal!
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