Florida Physicians are Using Medical Marijuana in Groundbreaking ways

Medical marijuana has been legal since late 2017, and since then, just under 1 Million patients have been approved by the state for MMJ cards. With a pro-cannabis state government and expanded qualifying conditions, there are patients with many different illnesses, and conditions taking cannabis. To-date there are 2,230 state-approved marijuana doctors in Florida that are licensed to give cannabis recommendations to qualifying patients.

However, not all these doctors are actively helping patients, and very few know much about medical marijuana. But you will find some doctors with groundbreaking uses for medical marijuana that are changing lives every day.  

What is Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana refers to the legal portion of cannabis that any state allows patients to use, after getting the proper diagnosis and recommendation from an approved physician. Typically, states allow both THC and CBD marijuana products, which are sold by state-licensed dispensaries, that adhere to state-imposed quality standards, and requirements.

Parkinson’s and Epilepsy

Properly using medical marijuana has astonishing effects on people afflicted with both Parkinson’s and Epilepsy. Both are neurological disorders in which symptoms include, shaking uncontrollably, and mild, too, severe seizures.  Trusted neurologists in Florida is incorporating medical marijuana into some of its Epilepsy patients’ treatments.

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The way tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabinoids (CBD) affect the brain really reduces seizures in duration and intensity. Unlike traditional anti-seizure medication, the side effects are minimal and don’t lead to a comatose state.

Following an in-depth FDA study, that led to approving the first marijuana-derived medication for Epilepsy called Epidiolex in 2018, many doctors began to prescribe it to Dravets Syndrome patients.

Opioid Replacement and Pain Management

Another discovery made by researchers and used by pain management; medical marijuana doctors is to replace opioids with cannabis. Some groundbreaking studies were conducted showing that marijuana, specifically CBD oil, could help patients deal with withdrawals, the number one reason for relapse.

Moreover, medical marijuana could help with long-term symptoms from addiction which includes anxiety, depression, pain, sleep, hunger, and a general a sense of well-being.

According to North Palm Beach marijuana doctors that specialize in pain management their patients can successfully manage the symptoms from withdrawal, while promoting a healthier way to deal with their long-term sobriety.

Many people still refer to marijuana s a negative drug, when in fact, the truth couldn’t be more ironic. Patients are getting off more powerful and highly addictive opioids which have been legal for decades and taking marijuana, which is scientifically free, from negative side effects when taking properly.


With legalization sweeping America it won’t be long until new research finds additional medical applications for marijuana. Doctors and patients in many places can utilize the health benefits that only cannabis can provide. New studies are underway to see how cannabinoids affect tumor growth in cancer patients nationwide.

Some progress has been made, but much more scientific data must be concluded before we fully understand what cannabis can do for mankind. For now, millions of people already see the potential exists and they want to know more.