Hair Replacement Syracuse NY: The Advantages and Disadvantages To The Procedure

Getting a hair replacement system is an instant solution for anyone with a hair loss problem regardless of the cause. Be it due to hereditary factors, chemotherapy or any other medical condition, this can be remedied through the hair system. Being a non-surgical procedure, hair replacement offers various choices to the clients, from color, style, density, texture to length. As this industry continuously booms in New York, hair replacement systems improve dramatically. The materials are becoming much more sophisticated and more natural-looking.

For top quality hair system, you may check A&E SNY Surgery Center. Here are some informative insights, positive and negative, that will help you come up with an informed decision.


Results are Instantaneous

Unlike hair transplants, there won’t be any need to wait for 6 to 7 months to see how you will look like in the next week, month or year. The process of application is easy and quick, which gives you almost immediately a visible result. This goes to say that hair replacement is a sure thing.


Being non-invasive is one of the most significant advantages of getting a hair replacement system. With zero surgery, you can avoid the risks of getting an infection, scarring or any aesthetic dangers that may come along with it.

No Side Effects

As a non-surgical procedure, you can only expect little to no side effects. A rare allergic reaction may be triggered by the use of low-quality adhesives, but that’s just about it. There is zero chance of getting any medical-related problems.

Low Cost (Initially)

Hair replacement is relatively minimal in comparison to a hair transplant, at least at the start. Due to the nature of the hair system, its cost may eventually keep up with that of hair transplant as there is a need for frequent cleaning, maintenance, and upgrading to a top hair quality system. There are still good hair systems with synthetic hair if you are on a budget. But if affordability is not a question, a high-quality hair system with human hair are sweat and water friendly. They are also lightweight and comfortable.

There are three possible reasons why some prefer to go non-surgical:

  • A few thousand dollars a year is more doable than having to spend tens and thousands of dollars in one go.
  • Fear of having to go under the knife.
  • They can anticipate the time they can toss away their hair system.


With a hair transplant, you will get stuck with whatever you get after the surgery whether you like or not. That’s quite the opposite with hair replacements. It is reversible if you don’t want the system you tried on. This is ideal for those suffering from temporary hair loss.

Non-Donor Reliant

The system can work with anyone having a hair loss problem regardless of the cause. There is an option to apply a high-quality human hair system without needing getting a donor. With no available donor area or having a limited amount of healthy hair follicles makes the hair transplant impossible to perform.

Guaranteed Results

Depending on the reason for your hair loss, there may be times that surgery is not possible or even unworkable. And if it is, there will still be a chance that it can’t deliver the desired result. With hair replacement, it offers a 100% guarantee irrespective of the reason behind the hair loss.

Limitless Styling

There are several hair systems available in the market, from hair color, length, texture, density, style, or even customization. You can purchase multiple hair systems to alternate your look or serve as a spare in case something happens to the other.


Fear of Identification

Wearers may feel others may notice, especially experts, that they’re wearing a wig. You can invest in a good hair system that is not so easy to detect and, at the same time, easy to use. But money won’t be the only thing you will invest in this for it will require careful and constant upkeep. With continued care, you can save yourself from the stress of “keeping your hair on.”

Regular Haircuts

If you are trying to maintain your natural look, you will need to cut or style your hair depending on the size and shape of your hair replacement to make it look undetectable. Your natural hair will continue to grow, so it needs to be trimmed, washed, and colored to make it complement your system.

Regular Maintenance and Attention

Exfoliated skin and the buildup of sebum under the hair replacement is the right place for bacteria to grow and foster, most especially for those who have helmet type hair replacement. Bacterial growth will cause an unpleasant odor if left unwashed. Constant maintenance can help preserve the system’s natural look and prolong its lifespan.

Not a One-Time Investment

The lifespan of top quality hair replacement is from 3-5 months, given that it is well-cared for. It has to be maintained, replaced or upgraded.


A hair replacement system brings along a lot of positives and scarcely any negatives. But no matter what method of restoration you opt for, it’s best to do a quick search and inquire to find the best procedure that will suit your needs and lifestyle. Work with experts who can give you the appearance that looks natural, real, and complements your age.