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Potential Side Effects Of CBD Oil

CBD oil has become increasingly popular in recent years and is now a common feature in many health stores and alternative medicine suppliers. The benefits have been promoted and applauded, and there are numerous invitations to try out this miracle substance in its variety of forms—from Zach Attack Supplements CBD oil to capsules and combinations which offer cures and solutions to a whole host of medical issues.

There is no doubt that CBD oil has been revolutionary in many areas, such as pain relief, cancer treatment, depression, and acne. As with any new substance, however, the risks do need to be evaluated and considered to allow users to make a fully informed and educated choice. Here are the key risks associated with CBD oil and must-know facts.

Risk Of Interaction With Other Medications

One of the most significant risks when it comes to taking and using CBD oil is the lack of knowledge when it comes to interaction. If you are taking medication, there may be an adverse reaction, and the consequences of this could be severe. Epilepsy studies show that the amount of anti-epilepsy drugs in the blood increased in users of CBD, and this may mean that sufferers are required to reduce their dosage to remain safe. This reaction can be hard to monitor and can cause unwanted side effects such as seizures which may be potentially life-threatening.

Concerns Over Liver Damage

Studies show that around 10 percent of participants who were taking CBD had an increased number of liver enzymes. This result indicates that possible liver damage has occurred. While more studies need to be conducted in this area, it is important to consider the fact that you could be causing long term, permanent damage to your vital organs by using CBD, particularly if this is combined with other medications.

Lack Of Regulation

One of the main areas of concern which surround CBD oil is the lack of knowledge, research, and regulation which surrounds the substance. It is still relatively new in the world of medicine, and we have not yet had the chance to conduct long-term or significant studies into the safety and impact it may have.

The FDA does not regulate CBD products, and different states are treating the drug differently. The lack of regulation means it is also hard to know exactly what you are taking. There is no requirement to have a certain level of CBD or omit potentially harmful substances.

Risk Of Overdose

One of the main concerns with CBD oil is the form in which it comes. Capsules, supplements, and oils mean that it is easier to take in a  higher amount of the drug than if the user were to smoke or absorb it through other means. As we have discussed, the long term impacts are still relatively unknown, and so it is difficult to clarify with any certainty what the lasting and permanent effects may be of this.