Health Benefits of Rick Simpson Oil

What exactly is Rick Simpson oil? RSO oil is an oil extracted from a cannabis plant that was named after the man who invented it. Rick Simpson created this cannabis oil using ethanol to treat his skin cancer.

Now, we should note that Rick Simpson oil and CBD oil is not the same thing. We should try to understand all the differences between CBD and Simpson oil, and there will always be some who doubt that rick Simpson oil actually works.

Another Treatment for Cancer

This cannabis oil can be used as an alternative treatment for all kinds of cancer and its symptoms. Rick Simpson pulled the idea from the THC studies that involved mice and the shrinkage of tumors. He was the first to discover the benefits of the cannabis plant on cancer and other health issues.

The RSO oil treats the effects and pain that cancer has on the body. With the reduction of pain, cancer patients do not suffer as much. This oil also provides a benefit to those who are undergoing chemoradiation.

Chemotherapy is brutal on the body, and patients tend to feel a loss of appetite and violent nausea. Rick Simpson oil treats each and every one of the after-effects of chemoradiation. Those who suffer from or know people that are suffering from chemo should know where to buy Rick Simpson oil.

Relieves Anxiety

Many of us suffer from some form of anxiety, but whether it is severe or not depends on how we handle it. RSO oil contains high quantities of THC. This is responsible for releasing hormones that create pleasure. This helps reduce stress and calms the mind, which, in return, reduces anxiety.

Improves Sleeping Patterns

Having trouble sleeping? Don’t worry, we all have a little trouble sleeping every now and again, although some are worse than others. This RSO product has a lot of cannabinoids.

Due to the cannabinoids present in the RSO oil, it relaxes the mind and body completely. The key to having a good night’s sleep is to be relaxed and stress-free. This product does that and in doing so, allows those who suffer from insomnia to sleep better.

Skin Care

Skincare is a big industry, and the CBD industry is profiting from it. A person can go into a store and buy RSO products to treat skin conditions. This product protects healthy skin and promotes the regrowth of it.

Improves the Health of The Heart

One of the best benefits of Simpson oil is the benefit it has on the heart. The nature of the cannabis product negates the bad oil already present in the system. Due to the antioxidant properties in the products, it helps get rid of bad cholesterol. Especially the cholesterol that may affect the heart.

To Sum It All Up

Rick Simpson oil, like any other cannabis extract, has its own uses and side effects. It is crucial to know each of these side effects before using this oil. The benefits and uses of this cannabis product are many and outweigh any side effects.