How To Ease Pain Without Taking Pills

We know that being in pain is awful, so we try to find anything to make it go away. 

We often recur to taking pills in order to make it go away, but sometimes those medicines can do more harm than good. 

Taking pills too often can compromise organs like the liver and stomach. Also, some people are not capable of taking those analgesics. That’s why science has brought us different ways that we can treat pain without having to swallow pills. 


A few years ago, CBD was just seen as a drug that some people used recreationally. But, recent studies have shown the amazing effects that CBD has on our body!

CBD has potent analgesic properties, and some benefits for the skin if applied topically. It also helps with mental issues like anxiety, and some scientists even think that it is a cure for cancer. 

There are many ways that companies commercialize CBD, but it all depends on the usage of each individual. But, to make the analgesic effects more effective, it has to be taken in an oil form. 

If someone is experiencing terrible pain and they can’t or don’t want to take pills, the best option is to give them CBD oil. Firstly, they have to consult their doctor, and if they say it’s ok for them to try, the next step is to find out where to buy CBD oil.

With constant use, CBD can give the patient a prolonged pain relief, which can’t be achieved by consuming pills.

Analgesic Patches

Another way to treat pain is by putting analgesic patches on the skin. This type of treatment is targeted toward intense and continuous pain. 

Those patches usually contain fentanyl or lidocaine as a primary drug, so make sure that the patient isn’t allergic to those substances before applying the patch.

This treatment works by releasing a specific amount of drug per hour to the skin, where it will be absorbed, and then metabolized in the system. This is an effective solution, and the patch can last up to three days on the skin. 


Cryotherapy has many benefits, and one of them is to ease pain. We have all had an intense headache where no medicine can take it away, and we’ve been told to put an ice pack on it. Ever wondered why?

Well, ice has the property of numbing the skin, and when the cold is removed from the body, the blood circulation will increase in that area. This way, cryotherapy promotes healing of injuries and increases the circulation.

Cryotherapy has some exemptions. For example, pregnant ladies, people with high blood pressure, and children shouldn’t go under this therapy. But if the patient doesn’t have any of these particularities, they can try it to ease the pain this way.

Final Thoughts

Pain is no easy thing, especially for those who are constantly suffering from it. Some people can’t take analgesics, so they have to find other alternatives to ease their pain. 

Analgesic patches, CBD oil, and cryotherapy are some of those treatments. Exercising and maintaining a healthy body can also reduce pain