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Healthy Vegan Lifestyle Hacks (6 Simple Tips)

Once into a vegan diet, making smart vegan decisions is not difficult, but as you enter into that lifestyle, it is a bit overwhelming to consider all of the changes to be made. The very thought of having to give up a nightly bowl of vanilla ice cream, or finding a vegan alternative to fish oil, is enough to strike fear in the hearts of most, but rest assured. There are ways to enjoy your favorite foods when transitioning to a vegan lifestyle; you just have to find the twist on your favorites as you adopt a healthier way of eating. Just take a look at this super delicious vegan red lentil soup, and tell me you don’t want to give veganism a shot. Here are some vegan lifestyle hacks that will make your transition easier and your meals delicious and satisfying:


Hack #1: Bananas can make ice cream!

Transform those over-ripe bananas into a cool and creamy dessert. Slice up those bananas before freezing so that you can blend with your favorite mix ins such as vegan chocolate and mint for a satisfying, healthy dessert.

Hack #2: Vinegar makes buttermilk

If you love those morning pancakes formerly made with buttermilk, never fear—you can transform vinegar into buttermilk that makes a wonderful addition to your pancake batter. Adding vinegar to a non-dairy milk alternative will give you a buttermilk that will fluff up those pancakes just like the real thing!

Hack #3: Canned coconut milk makes whipped cream

Do you missing topping your favorite pie with a dollop of whipped cream? Easily turn canned coconut milk into whipped cream in just a few steps; refrigerate coconut milk until cold. Skim off the hardened layer to reveal the watery sweet liquid below, and whip with chilled beaters till it turns into whipped cream.

Hack #4: You can substitute avocado for butter

Do you have a birthday cake on the horizon, and using butter is no longer an option? Try using mashed or pureed avocado instead for a rich, creamy texture. In general, using half the amount of avocado that the recipe requires for butter will give you a moist and creamy texture with no aftertaste. Delicious!

Hack #5: Increase your protein intake by adding chlorella

Many non-vegans don’t realize that you can receive a day’s protein—protein that most of us would consume in some form of meat—-by adding a few well chosen veggies and veggie powders to your palette. The benefits of chlorella reach far beyond just adding a few grams of protein, however, as this plant derivative is a superfood that protects almost every system in the body from free radical damage. Adding a few scoops into your favorite smoothie or sprinkling it over a salad will do wonders for your body as you incorporate it into your daily routine.

Hack #6: Nutritional yeast can make things cheesy!

Who doesn’t love cheese? Finding ways to make foods, sauces, and casseroles taste cheesy will ensure that you don’t fall off the wagon next time someone brings mac and cheese to a potluck dinner. Not only is nutritional yeast delicious, but it is power packed with protein and b6, two building blocks of any successful vegan diet.

Considering going vegan? It’s easier than you think!

With all of the resources, recipes, and books out there on becoming vegan, it has never been easier to transition to a healthy, plant-based way of eating. No matter what drives your decision to become a vegan, get ready for a delicious and delectable adventure filled with surprising information, better health, and perhaps a cleaner conscience. As you embark on this lifelong journey of discovery of the joys of being vegan. Get ready for a great ride!