Heavy Coffee Drinking Tied to Shorter Lives for Younger Adults in Study

Put down that Starbucks, junior!  A new study just out indicates that young adults who like to drown their sorrows in four or more cups of coffee a day are more likely to be pushing up daisies before their age-peers who drink much less, or give it up altogether.  So if you’re below the age of 55, listen up Java-head!

The study targeted over forty-thousand young adult coffee drinkers, and while a minority of those involved in the study say that the results are inconclusive, the majority readily agree that there is a definite limit to the amount of coffee one should drink each day – and that if that amount is exceeded on a daily basis over a long period of time the result is probably going to be a shortened life span.

New Orleans heart specialist Dr.Carl Lavie, who heads the John Ochsner Institute in Louisiana, thinks the study is a solid indictment against too much coffee consumption.

“Small amounts of coffee, up to 28 cups a week, seem to be safe,” said the doctor. “But there’s a reason to try to keep your intake at below four 8-ounce cups per day, particularly for younger people.”

The new study will not put to rest the continuing controversy among scientists, and laymen, about the benefits and drawbacks of coffee.  The only thing for certain is that more research is needed to determine what, if any, effect coffee consumption has on cancer and heart failure.

Until definite findings are in, why not have a smoothie instead?