You Asked! Men’s Grooming Tips

The experts guide us with tips and endorsements to help guys have skin that’s smooth and soft, just right for that Significant Other to snuggle up to!

Jeffrey Benabio, MD, dermatologist, Kaiser Permanente, San Diego:

My father managed to have good skin tone and color right up until the day he passed away.  He was a great believer in keeping facial skin out of the sun and rehydrating it every evening after a hard day’s work or play.  While the products he used have, for the most part, disappeared from the American market place, they have been replaced with some articles that I feel are just as good, if not better, than what he used on his skin nearly sixty years ago!

I recommend that men discard all their ‘tough-guy’ soap with grit or strong bleaching chemicals; these types of soap are too harsh on the skin, causing it to dry out and wrinkle prematurely.  Try this men’s moisturizing soap instead:

Lush Almond & Coconut Smoothie ($21.95)  This is a mild yet antiseptic soap that puts saponific fluid back into your skin, after it has been leached out by wind, rain, or sweat.  Almond oil is scientifically proven to replenish the natural oils of the skin, which are necessary for both follicle growth and skin tone.  Coconut oil has been used for thousands of years by Polynesians to keep their skin safe from the oppressive rays of the tropical sun.

Dove Men+Care Hydrate Post Shave Balm($6.59)  The problem with most aftershaves is that they contain alcohol, which stings and dries out your skin, leaving puckering and wrinkles behind.  Instead try this soothing, alcohol-free balm that actually contains Vitamin B5, proven to instantly relieve the redness and rash of shaving and keep your skin smooth and supple.

Oh, and guys, don’t forget to change your razor blade frequently.  No matter what the advertisements say, your blade is not going to last longer than a few weeks – after that, tiny, microscopic pits and cracks in the blade allow microbes to grow, which can be transplanted into any little nicks or cuts on your face and cause mild dermatitis.