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Helen Schifter on Promoting Wellness

Helen Schifter is interested in ensuring that the general public has more awareness concerning the need to value and appreciate their health and wellness. For that reason, there is a real interest in ensuring that the value of health and wellness is properly promoted. This can take many different ways, shapes and forms. But most importantly, it needs to start with an education – in the most natural place possible. Namely, in the confines of an academic setting, or classroom.

On social properties like Helen Schifter on Crunchbase there is significant attention being devoted to the current obesity epidemic that is breaking through, throughout the United States. It has having an especially detrimental and in some cases even fatal impact, on our nation’s youth.

The obesity epidemic is a function of a number of issues that must be properly highlighted to ensure that they are combatted in a proper way. There needs to be an aggressive media relations campaign that seeks to raise awareness of the issues surrounding the obesity epidemic. Namely, the lack of care, attention and devotion that is presently being provided to this issue – and more generally, our lack of appreciation for our own physical health and well-being.

First, there needs to be more of an emphasis placed on the need for fitness to be an activity that people engage in. Such activities do not have to take place within the confines of a gymnasium. But whether they are or not, they have to take place with consistency. One of the common misconceptions and fallacies that do exist, is the idea that somehow the workouts themselves have to be as aggressive and even tedious and severe as possible, in order to properly ensure one’s health is preserved properly.

This is wrong. What’s even more important than the intensity of the work-out (which itself can be measured in a variety of ways), is the consistency with which one engages in fitness regimens and workouts. Are you working out daily or only several times a month, or once in a blue moon? These are the types of questions that people should be considering, and asking themselves.

It’s worthwhile pondering how we can ensure that our nation’s youth are also more aware of these issues. We need to communicate with them across mediums that they appreciate consuming, and are regularly attuned to. These mediums include traditional media; but also a special emphasis and focus on digital and social media.

Besides for fitness however, there are other ways people can ensure that they are prizing health and wellness. And other indicators that people are going about preserving their health in an efficient and effective manner. Another common way is by ensuring one maintains a diet that is healthy and consistent with one’s own health and wellness goals.

The cliche “you are what you eat” is not just a cliche. There’s a lot more truth and veracity to the statement than might first come to mind. But also, there’s yet another misperception that people have when it comes to maintaining healthy dietary habits. There’s an idea out there (that is simply inaccurate); that there somehow needs to be a sacrificing of the quality or taste of one’s foods, in order to consume a “healthier” dietary habit.

That is simply not the reality. It’s not the case. And nothing could be farther from the truth. There are all sorts of healthy options across a diverse pool of cuisines that is worthwhile considering. American options; Italian options, and Middle Eastern options for starters. And of course ,when it comes to organic selections and offerings – no matter the style or cuisine, there’s a treasure trove of vast offerings available to the general public. Whether that be in supermarkets; stores, or restaurants.

Helen Schifter on Linkedin has been consistent in offering advice about the need to promote healthy living; and prizing health and wellness. For too long the subject has been neglected. And that is a very unfortunate reality that has got to change. With the Coronavirus pandemic now having captured the world’s attention revolving around our physical health, it’s about time we finally consider the need to focus on what matters. What matters is our physical health and well being.