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  • Different Uses for Hemp Besides Medicinal and Recreational

    You probably already know that the hemp plant has a lot of different applications besides the one which alters your mental state. To begin with, more and more people are turning to marijuana essential oils and other hemp-based products to ease their various medical conditions, such as anxiety, seizures, gastrointestinal problems, and physical pain induced […]

  • Should You be Taking CBD Oil? Here’s What You Need to Know

    CBD oil is the subject of much discussion and as more and more people are introduced to the benefits of the oil, more and more people are now using it as a first choice for many of their ailments. CBD can be used for all kinds of conditions from minor ailments to more serious conditions. […]

  • Drink Up: the Amazing Benefits of Pressed Juice

    In the world of diet fads, it is easy to be awestruck by new offerings every time you go into the grocery store. There’s always something new to try, but how do you know that the food trend you are investing in is actually good for your long-term health?  It can be hard to differentiate […]

  • CBD Guide: Important Facts You Should Know Right Now

    CBD is a product that has been surrounded by controversies for many years. This has led to stringent control measures. But as people come to understand more about the product, its popularity has become a craze with its use for health purposes becoming the norm. There are many companies and manufacturers who are now involved […]

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil 101

    With an extensive range of healing benefits, CBD oil- also known as Cannabidiol- has increasingly grown in popularity. The two common types of CBD are full spectrum Cannabidiol and CBD isolate. Since full spectrum CBD oil comprises of more cannabinoids, it offers a wider range of benefits than the CBD isolate. Full spectrum CBD oil […]

  • How CBD can help you live a healthy, happy life

    CBD oil has recently been garnering a lot of attention in the medical world, thanks to the increasing number of ailments that can potentially be improved with its use. For the average person suffering from anything from eczema to a headache, CBD could be the answer.  While scientific testing is generally still in the early […]

  • The Importance of Hospital Nutrition Software

    A common cliché that many seem to take as fact is that hospital food is not the best. That is simply not the case though and it is no secret that nutritionally healthy food can actually have a great effect on those who are ill. Luckily for hospitals all around the world, they can implement […]

  • Bomi Joseph on the Dangers of Preservatives in Our Food

    Many people trust that food additives like preservatives are safe to consume. However, there are many health problems that could arise from consuming food laced with preservatives. From asthma and allergies to cancer and reproductive difficulties, the effects of preservatives could be far-reaching. Dr. Bomi Joseph of Peak Health Center names some of the worst […]

  • Everything You Need to Know About Marijuana Strains

    You can think of marijuana strains as varieties of the same stuff. You’ve probably heard of types of marijuana like sativa, hybrid, and indica. Even though there are more, most people divide marijuana strains into these three categories. Marijuana strains have slightly different properties, often due to their different concentrations of cannabinoids. This means they […]