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  • Can Cannabis Help Mitigate The Effects of Fatigue?

    Do you constantly find yourself battling your way through an energy slump? Perhaps you press the snooze button one too many times or have to set aside an hour to nap during the days? If you answered “yes” to these questions, you are probably dealing with fatigue. Cannabis might be the last thing you’d consider […]

  • 3 Natural Sweeteners That Will Make You Drop Sugar Forever

    As you might have heard by now, sugar simply isn’t good for you. Not only does it cause a major energy crash shortly after you consume it, but it has been linked to some pretty serious illnesses as well. Luckily, there are some artificial sweeteners out there that will do the same job but without […]

  • Food Blogging: How to Monetize Your Dinner

    Nowadays, food blogs are not only popular and fun but also easy to monetize. That is why is you love eating and cooking, it may be a really nice idea to create blog and start making money while you keep on doing what you like. Do you love experimenting with different recipes? Do you enjoy […]

  • 10 myths for fast weight loss

    Why is the number of overweight people is increasing? Undoubtedly everyone knows or at least has heard some prescription for “urgent” weight loss. It is easy to find tips, diets, pills, elixirs, etc. on the Internet. Definitely, but at the same time the number of overweight people in the world is increasing. According to impressive […]

  • Tie Dye Icing Recipe

    If you love a fun and fresh take on colored icing, this amazing Tie Dye icing recipe may be just for you! Tie Dye icing may look intimidating to some bakers out there, but if you follow this easy to use recipe you can be sure to easily add a little bit of flare to […]

  • The Case for Adding Superfoods to your Diet

    Photo Source Food is essential in life. You’ll die without it, and you can extend your life by eating well. Much of our human existence is shaped around food and the diets that we choose. That is why people are rushing to the market to pick up “superfoods” or ordering online now more than ever. […]

  • 8 Things You Didn’t Know About White Chocolate

    Chocolate is made from cocoa seeds and it is loved across the globe. Many people look for reasons to consume chocolate on holidays and therefore the calendar gives them excuses to buy a bar. July 7 is marked as Chocolate Day to celebrate the day that chocolate is believed to have been introduced for the […]

  • Avoid These 5 Foods That Kill Testosterone

    You may be concerned that some food can hurt your testosterone levels. After all, particular foods may improve testosterone. Therefore it is normal to expect the additional food items can reduce it. Hence, our 5 foods that kill testosterone article. Low Testosterone Level Effects Since reduced testosterone may have a very adverse effect on our own […]