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  • How to Choose The Perfect Cannabis Strain?

    The use of cannabis is on the rise and it is fair to say that the cannabis industry is looking forward to gaining more advantages at the federal level. But this is a discussion for another day because there are several loopholes in the legalization of cannabis. Despite ambiguities, legalization issues haven’t stopped the American […]

  • A Guide to Living Well, Even with Diabetes

    Many people think that a diabetes diagnosis means the end of their days of good health, but this isn’t the case. It is possible to live with this disease and still lead a healthy life, so long as you manage it and monitor your levels with the help of a good doctor.  If you or […]

  • What Does CBD Stand For?

    One of the most interesting topics in the world nowadays is the use of CBD as a remedy. But, do we really know what does CBD stands for? There are many stereotypes connected to this substance, so we have decided to get to the bottom of its meaning and use. CBD is the medical abbreviation […]

  • The History of Hemp and Its Uses

    CBD, CBD, and more CBD! The green rush has really taken America and the world by storm. CBD (cannabidiol) is a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant. Cannabis can be either marijuana or hemp. CBD can be extracted from either species, but legally, only CBD from hemp can be used in wellness products of […]

  • CBD Products: Choosing the Right One

    Since the World Health Organisation released a report finding no biological potential for CBD to cause addiction or abuse, products infused with the compound have become widely available. If you walk into a high street health food shop, you might find CBD oil and tea bags for sale. If you look online you’ll find specialist […]

  • Natural Protein Powder And Why They Are The Boost You Need

    If there is a goal that everyone makes today, is striving to become healthier and have a happier lifestyle. The truth is that lots of people have realized that they have been stuck in unhealthy living, calling for a turnaround. It has become worse considering that there are lots of lifestyle diseases that scientific research […]

  • Different Uses for Hemp Besides Medicinal and Recreational

    You probably already know that the hemp plant has a lot of different applications besides the one which alters your mental state. To begin with, more and more people are turning to marijuana essential oils and other hemp-based products to ease their various medical conditions, such as anxiety, seizures, gastrointestinal problems, and physical pain induced […]