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  • 5 Cancer-Fighting Foods That You Should Include in Your Diet

    Amanda Bentley has 5 years’ experience in the food and beverage industry and currently works as a Content writer at Qavashop ( is an online store for all the “coffee aficionados” located in the GCC. Apart from providing its customers with quality coffee machines and consumables, it also provides them with skilled, knowledgeable advice […]

  • The 5 most important benefits of a balanced diet

    It is a well-known fact shared across the board by health gurus, fitness conscious, as well as across the medical and scientific fields that eating healthy can dramatically help you to be healthier and live longer.  It does not matter which way you chose to put it, whether it is what you put in is […]

  • Pain and Anxiety Could Have Finally Met Their Match

    No doubt, our civilization is progressing ahead and undergoing a massive amount of development. But are we unable to take care of our mental and physical health due to this so-called development? Is this advancement worth it? If we look around everywhere, we can see people stuck in a rat race with no time to […]

  • 7 Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

    Three days without water and your body will start to fall apart – that is how important water is in your life. While either cold or hot water will do the trick and sustain your life and health, drinking hot water has many special benefits you should pursue for better health.  1. Improved Digestion In […]

  • What resistance and watts should the best e cigarettes have

    In 2018, many vapers choose to enter the electronic cigarette world using an electronic way. And that’s not bad at all! If they get good advice on the right setting for a new starter, the experience of vaping is a much more interesting and qualitative one than the one veterans started on a few years […]

  • Why the Whey?

    With research suggesting that over 25% of regular gym-goers use it and annual U.S. sales exceeding $6B, dairy-based protein is the single most used product in the sports supplement world. Like most products in the sports supplement industry, it is best you take the marketing claims with a mountain of salt (Himalayan Pink of course), […]

  • Growing Solid Muscle Mass with HGH

    A popular trend among bodybuilders this year is the use of human growth hormone (abbreviated usually to HGH) for a safe and smooth increase in muscle mass. Many athletes are already into the use of this new wonder drug, but many others are still unsure of its actual usefulness and perhaps a bit cautious about […]

  • Support Your Hair Through Your Diet

    Take a moment and think about the verbiage that accompanies nice hair. Healthy hair. Full hair. This isn’t an accident. While many people don’t think of hair or skin the way you may think about your stomach or your muscles, there are some base similarities. These are systems of your body, and to do what […]