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  • How CBD can help you live a healthy, happy life

    CBD oil has recently been garnering a lot of attention in the medical world, thanks to the increasing number of ailments that can potentially be improved with its use. For the average person suffering from anything from eczema to a headache, CBD could be the answer.  While scientific testing is generally still in the early […]

  • The Importance of Hospital Nutrition Software

    A common cliché that many seem to take as fact is that hospital food is not the best. That is simply not the case though and it is no secret that nutritionally healthy food can actually have a great effect on those who are ill. Luckily for hospitals all around the world, they can implement […]

  • Bomi Joseph on the Dangers of Preservatives in Our Food

    Many people trust that food additives like preservatives are safe to consume. However, there are many health problems that could arise from consuming food laced with preservatives. From asthma and allergies to cancer and reproductive difficulties, the effects of preservatives could be far-reaching. Dr. Bomi Joseph of Peak Health Center names some of the worst […]

  • Everything You Need to Know About Marijuana Strains

    You can think of marijuana strains as varieties of the same stuff. You’ve probably heard of types of marijuana like sativa, hybrid, and indica. Even though there are more, most people divide marijuana strains into these three categories. Marijuana strains have slightly different properties, often due to their different concentrations of cannabinoids. This means they […]

  • CBD oil – the future of unconventional medicine

    CBD oils are known all over the world for their properties. It is common knowledge that they treat epilepsy, seizures, improve circulation and prevent cancer. Everything happens thanks to cannabidiol – the basic component of CBD oil. Is CBD oil the future of unconventional medicine? CBD: health support without side effects Of all sorts of […]

  • 5 Diet Changes You Should Make When Recovering from an Injury

    Here are some lifestyle changes you will need to make when recovering from an injury Nobody wakes up hoping to hurt themselves. From car accident injuries and workplace cuts and bruises, to bathroom falls and sports fractures, breaking or tearing some part of your body isn’t something worth looking forward to. But if it does […]

  • A list of the top benefits of CBD oil

    Cannabidiol also referred to as CBD oil happens to be a natural remedy which is used for the treatment of a wide array of the diseases. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol contributes to being the primary psychoactive cannabinoid, present in cannabis, which causes the feeling of getting really high. CBD is not regarded as a psychoactive element. […]

  • Analgesic & Anti-inflammatory Properties of Shilajit

    Some of the most common over-the-counter drugs availed by the population are analgesic or pain relievers. They are useful in suppressing pain, reducing inflammation, and swelling, making them the go-to medication for simple ailments. They are practical as well, with most, taking effect in less than an hour. But like any other drugs, these painkillers […]

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    Fast Food, Healthy Choice

    The last decade has brought with it a tide of change when it comes to how younger generations are viewing and reacting to the world around them. Aside from the growing concern for sustainability and our impact on the planet, there have been huge movements in the realm of self-care and health, including what we’re […]