Here are the Things That Will Make You Consider Cleaning Your Bedroom

Cleaning is a chore that we all tend to avoid, but it’s something that we must do every week at least to keep our place looking neat and tidy, especially our bedrooms. Our comfortable bedrooms have a lot of messy bed sheets, clothes piled up, and floors that need vacuuming; this can be overwhelming at some point and might have negative effects on your stress levels. So, we’ve come up with a few reasons that will make you clean your room a lot more often.

Gives You a Sense of Accomplishment

This is an interesting point and tells you a lot about how our emotions and minds work; when you start your day by making your bed, putting your clothes in the closet, and neatly organizing your desk, you’ll start to feel good about yourself and get a surge of positivity that can last until the end of the day. You would feel like you accomplished something, whether big or small, it would be relevant and huge for you. You’d start feeling like you can accomplish anything after doing this, making your chances of getting stuff done and finishing your work a lot faster. Just think of the sense of relief that you’d be feeling after a long day’s and you go home to a tidy room with a comfy bed that’s clean and ready just for you.

You’d Avoid Pesky Bug Infestations

Another reason why you should clean frequently and not keep dirty clothes or sheets piled around for too long, is that you might give an opening for bugs to move in and think they own your bedroom. Unvacuumed carpets, dust pile ups, and dirt build up can be a recipe for dust mite, fleas, or bed bug infestations. Jordan Larson from says that if you have a row of three bug bites close together, the culprit is often bed bugs. Getting rid of annoying pests like that can be a hassle, while there are DIY methods, if you prefer a thorough job you can hire professionals that have special equipment to deal with this sort of thing. So, why would you put yourself through all of this? It could have been avoided if you just cleaned regularly and never left dirty clothes on your bed or floor for too long.

You’d Have More Chances to Exercise 

A lot of people don’t know this, but there was a scientific study made by the University of Indiana back in 2013 that tracked about a thousand people. The results were surprising, and it showed that people with clean and tidy rooms were always exercising and feeling energetic compared to others who didn’t clean their room. This is interesting because it can be analyzed in two ways; people who clean their rooms often are organized and can manage their time-table to exercise at home, Or it could be because they’re feeling much more comfortable doing their workouts in clean bedrooms. Either way, the positivity you’d get from a nice and freshly clean bedroom can motivate you to do a lot of things. Isn’t that a great reason why you should not ignore cleaning it?

You’ll No Longer Misplace Your Belongings

If you live in a small flat in London, these problems are magnified. After all, how can such a tiny room in Croydon hide something you desperately need? Cleaning your room makes sure that your unused items are always front and centre. However, if you got rid of all your non-essential items, but the place is still crowded you, should go beyond cleaning and start expanding your storage options. You can look for self storage in Croydon, so the items you use daily don’t have to compete with your seasonal clothes, unused furniture, and other keepsakes. Less clutter means you can find what you are looking for in no time.   

Don’t you just hate it when you lose your keys, wallet, or even your favorite shirt in your bedroom? When things are messy, there are clothes everywhere on the floor or bed, the closet is cluttered, socks are mixed with everything, all your belongings are scattered, and you can’t tell which of your clothes are clean and which aren’t in the different piles. You will never be able to find anything without decluttering first! Not only is it bad for you, but you simply can’t find anything you want anymore, and you will lose stuff quite often. So, you need to come up with a plan to organize everything accordingly; you’d be surprised at what you’d find buried beneath the pile of dirty clothes. 

Better Health 

Having tidy and clean bedrooms can improve your overall health, making you feel a lot better from the moment you walk in. People with tidy bedrooms can relax more, making them feel less stressed during their days and nights. You won’t feel distracted all the time and will not experience anxiety at the thought of a messy house; this is very important, and you should always avoid things that make you anxious or stressed out. The negativity you’d feel every time you come inside a messy room can be very bad for you; it can make you physically ill and emotionally troubled. So, avoid all of that and enjoy a happier life away from negativity and stress; you can do all of that if you took care of cleaning your bedroom.

You’d Sleep Better

A very compelling study made by the University of St Lawrence stated that people with messy rooms, clutter junkies, and hoarders have the worst sleep ever. This means that if your room isn’t clean, it will take you longer to sleep, you will wake up in the middle of the night more often, and not have a good night’s sleep at all. Our quality of sleep must be good so we can enjoy our days better and carry on with our jobs and other responsibilities; lack of sleep or having interrupted and poor sleeping patterns can make us more depressed. This depression is amplified when you look around and see a messy bedroom; a place that should be full of comfort and relaxation. But how can you get that good feeling when it’s not clean or tidy? So, remember to consider new cleaning habits for better and calmer sleep.

Don’t you just love getting into your room and finding it all clean and tidy? The positivity and comfort that you’d feel is something amazing and feeling that quite often is reason enough to clean your room. Do small things every day; we know that most of us lead busy lives and our working schedule doesn’t help, but it won’t be a problem if you take it one step at a time casually. You can enjoy a nice and freshly cleaned room every day if you do this.