Hidden Home Health Dangers You Have To Be Aware Of

In most cases, the biggest health danger in a home is what you cannot actually see. You want to be aware of the various harmful problems that can easily threaten healthy homes. Protect yourself and your loved ones by being on the lookout for the following hidden home health dangers.

  1. Coli And Salmonella

These bacteria are very dangerous for human. They affect the intestinal tract and cause various possible symptoms, ranging from serious dehydration to diarrhea. Salmonella infection often happens after handling or eating contaminated raw food, like fruits, vegetables, eggs, poultry and beef. Contamination can happen during preparation, butchering and harvesting. An infection with E. coli happens when you eat foods that were contaminated and not properly cleaned or cooked.


Mold is made out of microscopic living organisms. It appears in areas where organic material, oxygen and moisture are present, particularly in the areas of the home that have poor ventilation and are damp. As soon as you smell mold, you need to contact gutter repair Denver professionals since mold exposure is dangerous.

Mold spore exposure can often cause sinus congestion, nasal congestion, eye irritation and chronic cough. It can also trigger attacks of asthma and nasty lung infections if you have chronic respiratory disease.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, flavorless gas that offers zero warning before you become sick. It can even lead to death. Every single year, there are over 400 people that die from carbon monoxide dioxide in the US alone.

In most cases contamination happens when organic fuel ends up burned without a proper ventilation. Common carbon monoxide sources include gas space heaters, kerosene heaters, wood stoves, automobile exhaust, tobacco smoke and gas water heaters. Always hire qualified technician services to take care of heating system repairs and do not underestimate the importance of maintenance.


When exposed to this toxic metal you end up having to deal with many serious health problems, ranging from mental development changes to serious nerve disorders. Regulatory standards eliminated or minimized lead quantities used in consumer products but it is still present in the homes that were not updated. The major lead exposure sources are contaminated soil, drinking water, lead-based paints and household dust.

If you believe there is some sort of lead contamination present, be sure you test the home. Home lead testing kits are available online.


It is possible to have many different pesticides in your home. This includes weed killers, tick shampoo, flea shampoo, baits, roach sprays and insect repellant. Many other hidden dangerous chemicals are found in products like wallpaper, pressure-treated wood and mothballs.

When improperly stored or used, pesticides are highly dangerous for human health. They can cause breathing problems, nerve damage and much more.

Make sure that you only use chemical products by following label instructions. Household pesticides have to be kept in locked cabinet. They have to be completely out of the reach of children. Always protect yourself from potential direct exposure and do not drink or eat as you use them. Wash the hands thoroughly after you work with any product that is poisonous.