Home Care for Elderly Parents

As we age, we grow in wisdom and life experience. However, we are not always capable of doing the things we once were. While this is a natural process that occurs with advancing age, it can often be concerning to the children of older adults who want to see their parents thrive in their older years.

Oftentimes, older adults need reminders to take their medication or complete daily activities. They may suffer from decreased mobility and be unable to safely bathe, change their clothing, or complete household chores on their own. As with all elderly people, the risk of falling is especially present and worrisome with these activities.

Many children of elderly parents wish to provide this care for their parents themselves but are unable to do so because their parents refuse to be helped by them or because they live far away from where their parents live. It is also true that most children of elderly parents have children of their own to care for, often work full-time, and have busy lives of their own.

Even for those children who are the primary caregivers for their older parents, they may need a break from time to time. Respite services offered through home care are essential no matter what your caregiving situation may be, as they offer time for carers to rest and rejuvenate while making sure your parent is still well cared for.

Home care for elderly parents is an ideal solution to all these problems.

What Home Care Can Do for Your Parents

All manner of helping services are included within home care for elderly parents, and home care services can be tailored and customized to fit the needs of your loved ones.

Medication reminders are a useful service for a forgetful parent or one with some degree of memory loss or cognitive decline.

Many older adults with mobility issues benefit from assistance with bathing, dressing, and exercise. For those requiring transportation or even just simple companionship, home care can take your parent to where they need to go, keep them company, and provide a listening ear when one is needed.

Meal preparation and housekeeping are two popular services offered through home care. Meal preparation can include both the preparation of high-quality, nutritious meals as well as companionship and supervision during meal times. Housekeeping services may include dishwashing, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping the floors, doing laundry, and more.

The Home Care Difference

Home care promotes the independence of older adults and allows seniors to stay in their home for longer instead of moving into care facilities or other locations. Rather than being forced out of their lifetime homes and into a care facility where they are only a number to many, home care allows older adults to remain in the comfort and privacy of their own household and surrounded by their own personal effects.

Research within the field of gerontology has shown that older adults who remain at home have far higher overall satisfaction and happiness as well as a greatly increased quality of life. Furthermore, older adults who remain at home have greater health outcomes for a longer period of time than do older adults who must leave their home and be placed in full-time care. The incidence of depression is also substantially lower in older adults who stay at home with home care supports versus those who live in care facilities.

A qualified, caring, and professional home care service is one of the best ways to show your love for your elderly parents and respect their autonomy and independence in their old age.