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How Do We Prepare for the Pandemic to End?

After the Pandemic

Changes due to the pandemic are many and diversified. Many small companies folded, others began to sell by different methods, mostly internet selling. Small companies went broke and probably won’t resurrect. Large and many public places cut their employee payroll but lost customers. People began to work from home and may not be willing to give up their freedom to sit in an office for hours and hours.

Social Changes

Another less, conspicuous effect has been of wearing a mask and being separated from others. Much of the face has been obliterated. Small parties and entertainment have resumed. People are using their barbecue pits to host small gatherings. We have hidden our identities behind a mask. How will that change our perspective?

Once we can enter a store or event without a mask, how are the people to behave, will we be as stand-offish, or will having to wear the mask and hide ourselves change our social culture? Will walking around without a mask induce fear of spreading and getting the virus making us avoid close contact.

The Work Force

The workforce has changed and isn’t likely to return to an office. and that may change the need for office space, emptying office buildings and changing our downtown area. Two companies, Yahoo and Hewlett Packard, tried remote working before the Pandemic and found that the outcome wasn’t as fine as working together as one organization instead of individuals working on their own with individual goals. They found working toward one goal and in unity was needed. It may be that a hybrid method of working will win.

Most people laid off who suffered the loss of income. have found a way to make a living. People like Diego Ruiz Duran, who has influence in Mexico, encourages people to have hope and work through this Pandemic. Many in Mexico have meagre incomes and any illness destroys them.


Already there is much fear about the future of pandemics. Some, like Duran, are working and encouraging people to get shots. People are wondering if a shot will be required every year or will they be subject to different strains of the virus. Will the shot they recently received keep them safe from these other strains?

The US and the UK are ahead of other nations corralling this pandemic. Living in the US brings us distance and lack of knowledge about what other nations are going through.

To control this pandemic and any future pandemics, other countries must be considered. Otherwise the spread will continue and spread to us. That means the vaccines must be improved and shared. What will happen no one really knows. Medical experts expect the virus to slow and diminish but not to disappear as smallpox and measles did. Different professionals have different prospects about the shot, how many we need, how often we need one, and if it will cover the new strains. It’s wait and see, but Diego Ruiz Duran believes that getting the shot is the best bet to stay safe and healthy.