MEKNIC Sleeping Assistant Gadget

MEKNIC is selling a lot of gadgets on Amazon. They are selling quality products. MEKNIC keeps trying to enhance the quality of their product every time. MEKNIC gave the best quality of all accessories. This is the reason every customer wants their products only. Also, they keep their customer happy on every occasion.

MEKNIC Sleeping Assistant Gadget eases anxiety, calms nerves, and tension.  This sleeping assistant gadget is also one of the most important gadgets of MEKNIC. Nowadays stress is very common. Everybody wants to disembarrass by stress. This gadget is truly designed to disembarrass from every type of stress. The scientist has discovered that electronic vibrations which have low-frequency stimulate the nerves. The main objective of this device is to reduce stress, enjoy a beautiful life, and take self-control. This gadget is very unique in shape and size. It is very small in size. You can carry it to any place you want. You can easily carry it to your office and to the bed.  Another uniqueness of this device is that it can be fully charged within one hour. You don’t need to charge it fully every day. Once you charge it fully you can use this gadget for 15 days regularly. 

Main Features of MEKNIC Sleep Assistant:

  • MEKNIC sleeping assistant gadget is very small in size. Actually, this is a pocket gadget. You can carry this gadget anywhere. This device has uniqueness in its shape.
  • This gadget has a rechargeable battery. It can be fully charged within one hour. After it can fully charge you can use this gadget for 15 days. The battery of this gadget built-in 70mAh which is rechargeable. You can charge this gadget via the universal Type-C interface.
  • Mostly 20 minutes are required to fall asleep. After 20 minutes this gadget stop automatically.
  • This gadget clams your nerves, tension, and anxiety.
  • You can feel comfortable while sleeping. Just place this gadget in the palm of your left hand. Make sure that its electrode is in the middle area of the palm.
  • This device has an active mode. When you grasping this gadget in your hand it will improve your performance and enhance your ability to do work.
  • This gadget also has a relaxed mode. When you are closing to active sleep it helps you to calm down. This gadget helps you to stable yourself and get rid of any type of stress.
  • By stimulating the palm it facilitates self-control of the mind. This gadget uses Transmission Micro-current Stimulation technology. This technology uses a low-frequency pulse of current that stimulates the palm of your hand.

How to use MEKNIC Sleeping Assistant?

It is very easy to use this device. Just grab this gadget in the palm of your left hand. Make sure that its electrode is in the middle of your palm. The electrode is present in the middle of the gadget. The shape of this gadget is perfectly made that it can easily grab in your hand.

A wheel is present on one side of this gadget. This wheel is used for the adjustment of strength. Double click on the wheel to switch the mode. This activity keeps everything under your control.

Turn ON the switch and adjust the electric pulse and select the operating mode appropriate for the purpose of use. This gadget turns OFF automatically after 20 minutes because 20 minutes are required to sleep.

This gadget support two operating modes relax mode and active mode. When you place this gadget in your left hand Brainwave is pulled by frequency from high to low which gives you asleep quickly. When you place this gadget in your right-hand brainwave are pulled by frequency from low to high which refreshes yourself rapidly.

Important Information of MEKNIC Sleeping Assistant:

  • The weight of this gadget is 8 ounces.
  • Shenzhen Zhongji Industrial CO., Ltd are manufacturing this gadget.
  • The package dimension of this gadget is 10.94 x 6.42 x 2.56 inches.
  • Only one lithium-ion battery is required to run this gadget. Which is built in 70mAh.
  • One of the most important questions whom to charge this gadget. You can charge this gadget via a universal Type-C interface. This can be provided with this gadget. 
  • Charge this device for an hour within the period of 15 days.
  • The company of this gadget gives their customer one year of warranty with 100% satisfaction.
  • The company also gives a hassle-free return of this gadget within the period of 30 days.