How to Choose the Right Bathroom Vanity Mirror Cabinet

mirror cabinet is a convenient item to have in one’s bathroom. It makes it possible for you to hide your hair while you take a bath or change into your pajamas. It also helps you find the right make-up before going out of your room and prevents your cosmetics from getting dirty when you have to use the restroom. To complement its function, an external dimmer should also be included in the design.

There are many types of mirror doors that you can choose from. You have the choice between mirror shelves, mirrored wall cabinets, and the usual built-in type. However, there are many advantages that these three types have that you will appreciate.

Mirrored shelves bathroom mirror cabinet – This type is the simplest type to install. Just like with any other type of cabinets, the mirrors on this type have flat panels that slide sideways. The mirror on the front of the l-cube is also adjustable so you can get the right look for your bathroom. The downside of having an l-cube is that it doesn’t provide much height. Therefore, you may need to install some extension lights to add some height to the cabinet.

Mirror wall cabinets – These types of bathroom mirror cabinets have shelves that slide along a long rail. Mirrors are installed at the top and on the sides. These types of bathroom vanity units have plenty of space so you can place as many different kinds of items. However, the one drawback of this unit is that it doesn’t offer much height.

Mirror cabinet with glass shelves bathroom – A big advantage of this type of cabinet is that it has a mirror on every shelf. As long as you have enough space in your bathroom, you can place a big mirror here. Because the shelf has a smooth surface, it helps to prevent scratches on your bathroom floor. Most people who choose this type of mirror cabinet will place a vase on each shelf.

Washbasin with an l-cube mirror cabinet – Most washbasins have smooth surfaces and are very easy to clean. However, if you want to create an illusion of space in your bathroom, you can use this type of mirror. Mirror washbasins with an l-cube design can have one or multiple drawers in them. Some mirrors even have a divider to make the washbasin look like it has multiple shelves. You can choose from several styles such as the one with illuminated doors or the one with a divider.

Dimmable mirror – If you want the option of having your mirror easily and quickly change depending on the lighting situation, then this kind of cabinet is perfect for you. The illumination can be dimmed or you can have complete illumination. One thing that you should consider when purchasing this style of cabinet is that they usually do not come with a dimmer switch. Therefore, if you will be using this particular style in a room with low lighting, then you might want to consider buying a dimmable one. It can help you achieve the look you want without going out to purchase other kinds of l-cube furniture series.

Washbasin with integrated lighting – If you want to get the best illumination for your washbasin, then you should consider purchasing this type. The main advantage of having an integrated light is that it offers ambient, task, and accent illumination all in one. Therefore, you can choose whether to have a single, double, or triple light. The lighting options can be dimmed or you can have them completely switched off. The bottom panel of this bathroom furniture set comes with a dimmer switch which allows you to control the brightness and softness of the lights.