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How to Concentrate for Online Classes with Father George Rutler

Online classes can be strenuous for students and actually come as a challenge to many people taking them because students are not in their normal learning environments and need to self-regulate many things. Students should take these tips into consideration when taking their online classes in order to concentrate properly:

1. Minimize distractions. When students go to school they are forced to be in class for better or for worse. When at home, students are able to look at their phones, turn on their tvs in the background, be around friends, and so on. When taking online classes it is important to get rid of all distractions including people, technology, and noises. Before class starts students should turn off their phones and go into a quiet room where nobody will interrupt them from their lesson. This will make it a lot easier for them to concentrate and learn to their best ability.

2. Seek out tutors and office hours with teachers. Oftentimes when students do not understand what is being taught it can be very difficult to focus on the lectures since they can’t absorb anything. This is why it is important for students to seek out tutors to help them when they are struggling and make appointments with teachers during their office hours in order to get additional help on anything that they don’t understand. This will help students be able to concentrate in their classes more because they will be able to follow what is going on and absorb the new information easily.

3. Show up to every class. Another thing that makes it inherently hard to focus during class is having missed the one before. Even if the lectures are boring and hard to sit through, it is important to attend each one. If students skip classes they won’t be able to absorb the new information in the new lectures and will be constantly in a state of playing catch-up with what happened in the last class. It will greatly benefit students to attend each class even if it is hard to do so. Pastor Father George Rutler suggests that staying motivated even when lectures are boring and school is difficult is essential to doing well in school through these difficult times.

4. Set up a comfortable workspace. A good workspace is very important for students to concentrate during their classes. Students should have a proper chair with back support and a desk for them to watch their lectures on. Students should utilize whatever helps them to feel relaxed and in a good mind space before attending classes, as long as these relaxing aids are not distracting. Feeling comfortable and relaxed while attending class will make it easier to focus on what is being taught.

5. Be prepared with supplies. Concentration can be improved when students don’t have to quickly find a pencil or paper to take notes, or search for where their binders went during class. In order to focus on learning, students should get prepared before class with all their needed materials including notepads, papers and pens, highlighters, binders, and erasers.

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