In their young years, kids are open to many good and bad habits. One of the most important habits to be maintained is a good dental health. As a parent one of the hardest jobs is trying to get your children to brush their teeth and to do a good job of it.

Can you get nostalgic for a while? Remember how irritating child you used to be? Yes, especially when your mom used to ask you to brush your teeth. Welcome to parenthood. Just jot down the ideas mentioned in the blog mixed with the tricks your mom used to play with you to make you brush your teeth effectively and efficiently.


  • Your Voice but Child’s Choice


What you choose might not be liked by your child. Give your child a command to choose a brush as per his or her choice, obviously the brand filtered by you. Children love the feeling where they get chance to choose something rather being assigned to something.

There are different types of themed tooth brushes available in market. Let your child choose his favorite character. They will be excited to wake up in the morning to brush their teeth with their favorite tooth brush. It will be a fun for them.


  • Brushing is quick, if you turn on music


Adults and Kids should brush their teeth for about two minutes every time. Does two minutes sounds an achievable target? Kids have low patience level, so making them brush their teeth for continuous two minutes is a challenge. Music can be a real help for you.

Children favorite songs usually attract them and divert their mind. Playing a child’s favorite song while they brush their teeth can help them learn how long to brush. Moreover, the routine will be more fun. Dance with them as they do brush. Make brushing a fun activity.


  • Be your child’s superhero


Be the change you wish to see in others. One in four adults admits they don’t brush twice a day, including a third of men. Yet it is expected that children inherit a good dental habit. Child always follows what his parents do. It will be hard for a child to follow a rule which their parents do not follow.

Make yourself a superhero of your kid. Follow outstanding dental care habits that your kids are bound to notice. Once they notice, they will follow.


  • Make an offer which is hard to resist


You hit the provided target in order to achieve the desired promotion or hike in your office. Try the same ways for your kid. Track their performance. Notice, they brush without complaining or being reminded. Reward them after they reach a certain target. Rewarding them with their favorite toy will motivate them to brush their teeth regularly.


  • Choose a toothpaste that your child won’t hate


Take your kid along with when you go to buy your toothpaste. Let him choose the flavor or color he wants. Brushing with mint or cinnamon flavors may be too bitter for a child’s palette. Flavors of kid’s choice help him to finish his daily brushing routine with fun and love. There are variety of kid friendly toothpaste existing in market with different colors and flavors. Get your kid one and see the results.

A third of all children starting school each year have signs of tooth decay and tooth extractions are the biggest reason children are admitted to hospital for general anesthetics in the UK.” These numbers are scary. American Dental Association has to come up declaring February as National Children’s Dental Health month.

Pearly white and disease proof teeth are possible with good dental habits.

“You don’t have to brush your teeth — just the ones you want to keep.”

About author: Dr. Firoz Lalani is founder of A Dental Care & writer by interest on various dental care topics. At A Dental Care offer personalized, high-quality dental care for patients of all ages.