Decoding the Mystery of Thinning Hair

Everyone wants healthy, bouncy, and beautiful hair. Unfortunately, achieving such hair takes a lot of effort. Most women simply do not know the factors that can compromise the health of their hair. Leading busy lives, some women simply do not notice the subtle signs of hair damage. That is until they start losing hair. At which point they get panicked and try dozens of products to control the problem.

Whether it is temporary or permanent, women do experiences thinning of hair like men do. While a lot depends on genetics, balding, to an extent, can be induced by several factors.

Causes for Thinning of Hair

Right from medical conditions to lifestyle choices, you can be losing your hair for more than a few reasons. Like mentioned before, you can even be genetically prone to balding. Following are some of the reasons that can cause thinning of hair.

  1.     Thyroid Problems

It’s a butterfly-shaped gland that’s located in front of your neck. If the gland produces too little or too much hormone, the first one to take the hit is your hair’s growth cycle.  

  1.     Tight Hairstyles

This is definitely not a myth. Tight ponytails and cornrows can put a lot of stress on your scalp and can thus encourage hair fall. You should also know that tight hairstyles can end up scarring the scalp tissues which can lead to permanent hair loss.

  1.     Stress

Extreme emotional or physical stress can lead to sudden thinning and loss of hair.

  1.     Medications

Blood-thinning medications and anabolic steroid can also cause hair loss. Check with your doctor to find out if your hair loss can be fixed by changing a few meds.

  1.     Poor Diet

If you are on a fasting diet then you can experience sudden thinning of hair. This is because your body is deprived of vital nutrients that it needs to keep your locks healthy. The best way forward is to make sure your weight-loss diet is nutritionally complete.

How to Stop Thinning of Hair?

The thinning of hair is a common problem that’s usually associated with aging. However, you can still prevent and slow down hair loss by following a few tips.

  1.     Avoid Tight Hairstyles

Pulled-back hairstyles such as weaves and tight braids can weaken the roots of your hair strands. We recommend letting your hair down or adopting a loosely pulled back hair style. Also, you need to avoid wearing barrettes or any other headwear that tugs on your hair.

  1.     Stop using heated styling tools

Heat is harsh on your hair. It causes brittle and dry hair, which eventually lead to breakage. Embrace hairstyles that do not demand the usage of heated styling tools. When you can’t avoid using heated styling tools, dial down to select the lowest temperature setting.

  1.     Use effective hair growth products

Since hair loss is a common issue, many cosmetic companies have been able to formulate hair growth products that can control hair loss. We encourage you to keep on trying products that are manufactured by reputed companies till you get the desired results.

  1.     Use gentle hair products

Choose natural and gentle hair products to stop the thinning of your hair. Look for shampoos that do not contain alcohol, sulfates, and other ingredients that can cause hair dryness. When selecting a conditioner, pick one that does not contain silicon, which is an ingredient that weigh down the hair strands causing more breakage.