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How to Manage Your Remote Personal Training Business Efficiently

Personal trainers around the world have seen a dip in their income levels due to gyms being forced to close. COVID-19 still has gyms closed in the United States which prohibits in-person training for many. There are now other options available to train people around the world. If you have worked with elite athletes or have a special type of training, remote training can actually be far more profitable. You can have clients schedule appointments for a workout on your Google Calendar. Zoom is a popular platform that trainers are using to train people remotely. Top trainers don’t have to worry about losing long-term clients as they can train people around the globe. The following are tips to manage your remote personal training business efficiently.

Invest in Accounting Help 

You are likely going to be paid in a far different way than in the past. Clients might choose to pay via Venmo, PayPal, or any number of online payment platforms. Setting up a QuickBooks account can be easy but managing it can be difficult. Hiring a QuickBooks ProAdvisor can help you navigate through issues you might have. This will be a far easier way to get paid as you can automate reminders without pushing too hard on clients that forget to pay. You will be thankful that you did this when tax season rolls around. 

Offer Group Coaching Sessions 

Group training sessions can be immensely profitable as large groups are banned in a number of places. You could retain these clients long-term if you give them a great workout. There is a chance that they prefer in-person training so you might lose a percentage of them. Filling up a full day of training sessions with groups can be far more profitable than working at a gym where you have time constraints. 

List Yourself on Online Personal Trainer Platforms 

Listing your services on every online personal training platform possible is important. You will have to list your qualifications and what you specialize in training. People that have worked primarily with swimmers have a niche or people that have proven they can work with people with specific injuries. Do not skimp on your profile as this is what a potential client will judge you on. This can be a good time to earn extra certifications in your downtime. 

Reach Out to Clients That Might Have Moved 

You might have had clients that you enjoyed working with that moved so you could not train them anymore. Reaching out to these clients about your new services can be immensely profitable. You can allow people to exercise at home which can be difficult in terms of motivation if gyms are closed in their area. For those popular spinning instructors, you can get a class full of people that know each other. Everyone that does spinning wants an instructor that makes a tough workout a blast. 

Personal training is changing so it is time to adapt at this point in history. Take time to implement these tips to help run your remote personal training business in a more effective way.