How to Prepare for The GAMSAT Test

The prospect of taking the GAMSAT is one of the few things that makes a student nervous. This arduous exam is essential for individuals who want to pursue a career as a doctor, but many students are concerned about the low success rate. Anyone taking the GAMSAT should be apprehensive, but with careful planning and preparation, you can master it, even Section 3 which is the section everyone worries about.

Understanding the 3rd section

There are three parts to the GAMSAT. Part 3, Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences, is the test’s last section. Each part has a different number of questions and time limit, but test-takers typically get 2-3 hours to finish roughly 75 questions. The multiple-choice questions are based on different excerpts or blurbs. Approximately 40% of the questions are about biology, 40% are about chemistry, and 20% physics.

Section 3 is the longest section of the exam, and it is the most important since it contributes the most to your final score. Each component is assessed separately, and the combined values are used to get the total GAMSAT score. When calculating the total score, some institutions consider the Section 3 score twice so it is actually worth 50% of your final mark despite being one third of the test. Depending on the institution you want to attend, and how Section 3 is weighted, this test section may have a lot riding on it. As a result this segment usually takes up a significant portion of the time spent preparing for the exam.

Section 3: Planning

Reviewing past examinations is a fantastic strategy to prepare for Section 3. Review the practice exams and jot down the question’s subject. Label the questions with terms like “cells,” “molecules,” “gravity,” and so on. Identifying the popular subjects will assist you in determining the kind of questions you may anticipate on the exam and how to organize your study time.

It’s also a good idea to go through as many prior examinations as possible to figure out which questions or themes come up most often. For example, if you know what subjects are likely to occur on the test, you may ensure that you are prepared by covering those topics. Obtaining a Gamsat syllabus can help with this. At the same time, you’ll be able to see which subjects don’t need as much revision throughout your studies.

You should devote more time to studying biology and chemistry, but don’t forget to brush up on physics as well. Even though physics questions make up just approximately 20% of the total questions, you must still deal with whatever questions arise on the exam.

Getting the Odds Right

Area 3 is often regarded as the most important component of the exam, and it is, but to perform well on the GAMSAT, you must excel in each section. Spending additional time studying for Section 3 makes a lot of sense, particularly if you don’t have a strong scientific background. However, studying for Section 1, Humanities and Social Sciences Reasoning, and Section 2, Written Communication, is equally crucial. You will be properly prepared for each area if you take a well-rounded approach to study.

Organizing your time

How test takers manage their time is critical. People often run out of time and do not finish all of the questions in Section 3. If you’re hesitant about some of the questions, it’s probably advisable to just move on to cover more territory and answer the ones you know the answers to.

Remember that once you finish, you may always go back and re-answer any questions you’re unsure about. It’s unlikely that you’ll have enough time to do so, but omitting questions that slow you down might be a good tactic in the long run.

Putting Your Health First

Preparing for the GAMSAT may be very intensive, and you may find yourself devoting all of your spare time to studying and preparation. It is unquestionably beneficial to be prepared and ready, but if you see that your stress levels are rising, you should take a break and emphasize self-care. It may seem counterintuitive to take a break from your preparation, but clearing your mind and refocusing might help you make better use of your time.

When stress becomes unbearable, recognize it and consider one of the following easy activities to help you refocus:

1. Stretch your whole body

2. Write in a diary 3. Take a stroll

4. Get a massage 5. Meditate

6. Go for a nap

7. Play music that you like.

8. Drink plenty of water.

9. Say a mantra or a positive affirmation aloud.

10. Be kind to yourself.

Making time for yourself will enable you to make better use of your time, and, rather than fretting, you will be able to efficiently study the information and prepare for the test. The GAMSAT is a significant exam that should be taken seriously. You may be entirely prepared and ready for anything Section 3 has in store if you know what to anticipate from the exam and how to manage your tension.