4 Ways to Detox Your Body

As the new year kicks into action, more and more people are looking at ways to start their year off right.  One of the most popular methods for starting fresh is by throwing out the old to make room for the new.  What better way to make room for the new than getting rid of all of the things in your body that you don’t need? 

While there are many detox products on the market, believe it or not, you don’t always necessarily need to buy anything to be able to rid your body of toxins.  Here are some of the most effective ways to detox your body.

Drink Tea

Brewing a cup of tea is a great way to cleanse your body and clear out your body.  There are all sorts of different flavors that you can choose from, and many different benefits.  From green tea to black tea, drinking tea for wellness is a wonderful way to clean out your system.


Our bodies are so used to constantly taking in food that we never have time to get rid of all of the toxins.  Our digestive systems never have a break to filter out the toxicities of what we eat, so they remain in our guts.

Taking a break from eating is a great way to clear out whatever is lurking in your body, and purge.  Not only can it be great for detoxing, but many people say that it makes them feel a greater sense of clarity and focus.  Try to get into the habit of fasting at least once a week and you’ll reap the maximum benefits.

Use All Natural Products

Believe it or not, toxins don’t only make their way into our bodies through our mouths.  We also soak them up by using creams and other products that are full of harmful toxins.  Each time that we rub them in our hair or on our bodies, it starts to accumulate.  Try to make a commitment to use only natural products.

Everything that isn’t marketed as “all-natural” can start to take its toll.  Look for products that are natural or organic and you’ll see an immediate difference.  From your skin to your teeth, natural products are much better overall.

Do an All Liquid Diet

Some say that when you drink only liquids for several days it can start to make a considerable difference in your overall well-being.  Taking a break from solids for several days will give your digestive tract a break from breaking down solids, and clear out any debris that’s lurking in your intestinal tract.

These are just a few ideas for detoxing.  By trying these and engaging in a working program you’ll do the best you can for your body and reap the benefits that detoxing provides!