How To Select Your Eye Doctor

It is really important that you choose a really good eye doctor, just as choosing the general practitioner. In many cases people do not actually think this but that is simply because eye doctors are normally not on our list of considered doctors to contact. We only tend to go to the doctor when our eyesight is really bad. Whenever discussing with a reputable Vancouver eye doctor, you will be told that in so many cases we are faced with people going to the doctor when it is way too late. In many cases you will want to be sure that you go for proper checks to be sure that proper vision will be maintained for a really long period of time.

The lack of knowledge that appears is quite obvious but there are different things that you should know in order to see exactly what eye doctor to consider. Everything starts with understanding differences between different types of eye doctors.


The optometrist is a Doctor of Optometry. This specialization allows visual health analysis. The degree is obtained after a 4 years college degree course and an extra of 4 years professional training after that through optometry schools. The optometrist will be able to correct refractive errors through the prescription of glasses, among many other things. Vision therapy or low vision care can also be offered. There is licensing available to prescribe visual related medications but that is not always available.


This is a doctor that will specialize in practically everything related to vision and the eye. He can perform an eye exam, eye surgery, prescribe medications and even treat eye diseases. Visiting the ophthalmologists basically means that the eye exam will be much more comprehensive while also offering a much more accurate eyeglass prescription. Ophthalmologists went to medical school for 4 years, went through a 1 year internship and over 3 years of hospital-based residency training in ophthalmology. This is the type of eye doctor that can be completely trusted with everything.

Finding A Really Good Eye Doctor

We have to understand the fact that opticians are not really doctors. They are people that will sell and fit eyeglasses to the public. Prescriptions are used and they will be offered by the eye doctors that we mentioned above. In most states there are strict regulations that govern what opticians can do or cannot do based on the licensing training necessary.

In many cases people are confused about what type of eye doctor to visit but the most important thing at the end of the day is learning as much as possible about the available education. In the event that not much is known, you want to look for the services of someone else. Keep in mind that the skill of the eye doctor will dictate the quality of the work done. This is why you should not blindly trust any recommendation offered by a third party, even if it is friends or family members. The more you know about the eye doctor, the better the choice you will make!