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  • Laser Surgery for Eyes: A Guide on Everything to Know

    Since it was first approved by the FDA in 1999, over 10 million Americans have had laser eye surgery.  It’s estimated that around 96 to 98 percent of LASIK patients end up with 20/20 vision. That’s almost 10 million people who no longer have to rely on glasses or contacts to see.  If you’re considering […]

  • What Is the Best Treatment for Dry Eyes?

    If you’ve ever had dry eyes, you know it’s nothing to take lightly. They can get itchy and watery and nothing seems to help soothe them. Some people with dry eyes only experience the condition once in a while, but others have much more serious chronic conditions. People who have these conditions, known as chronic […]

  • Understanding Lasik Surgery in a Better Way in Philadelphia

    Lasik surgery in Philadelphia is a growth process that many people choose because it is rewarding. A successful operation will ensure that you do not wear contact lenses or glasses. Lasik Philadelphia specialists have the knowledge and skills to help you see and read without glasses. The procedure involves changes in the cornea using a […]

  • Use Science To Enhance Your Experience of Life

    Use Science To Enhance Your Experience of Life

    Life is all about experiences, one way or the other. So you should use every possible resource that you can to experience as much of life as you want. One of the resources that you can look to for consistent improvement in your standard of living is anything related to science or technology. As statistics […]

  • What Is Lasik Surgery & How Can It Help You

    Good eyesight is something we dream of having or maintaining. After all, a good pair of eyes helps you see the world on a whole different level. What is beautiful becomes twice as beautiful; what is fascinating becomes mesmerizing. There is beauty and awe in being able to see clearly. Sadly, however, this is not […]

  • The Importance Of Protecting Your Eyes While At Work

    Protective eyewear is a vital part of personal protective gear (PPE) in the workplace. However, many employees seem to think that protecting their eyes is not all that important. Studies confirm that in almost three out of five workplace injuries, employees were not making proper use of protective eyewear at the time of injury. This […]

  • A Guide to Treating a Corneal Disease

    What is the cornea and corneal disease? The cornea is the eye’s clear, dome-shaped, and outermost layer that is essential to one’s vision.  Corneal disease is a serious condition that can cause distort that vision via clouding, scarring, and eventually blindness.  The disease can cause eye pain, sensitivity to light, blurry vision, eye redness or […]

  • Most Common Eye Diseases and Ways to Treat Them

    What are eye diseases? “Eye diseases” is a term used to refer to a group of diseases relating to eye function. Some of them are minor and go away, while others can cause vision loss. When it comes to signs of eye disease, more people worry about turning blind rather than losing their ability to […]

  • Online prescription eyeglasses could cost as much as 70% less

    Consumer behavior are slowly changing as more people now buy eyeglasses online than before, with US regulations preventing a monopoly by physical retailers, levelling the playing field for online retailers to provide better price competition. That said, the majority of people are still going to their local optometrist when it becomes time to change their […]