The Best Vitamins to Combat Cold and Flu Season

Now that we are just about at the mid-point of cold and flu season you may have already fallen victim to at least one bug along the way. If so, there’s a good chance you are looking for ways to combat any recurrences from happening. Stocking up on simple vitamins can help you do just that. Here’s a look at the best ones to use.

Vitamin C

This is one you will see pop up time and time again on lists. Vitamin C has so many great benefits that it should really be taken year-round regardless of cold and flu season. The reason it can help when you feel a bug coming on, or you are already sick, is that it acts as an anti-inflammatory and an antihistamine at the same time. This means it can help to stop or at least lessen that runny nose that you have, and at the same time it is helping to boost your body’s immune function.

As for the amount of vitamin C you should take, it’s best to take large amounts. If you are starting to feel sick or are already sick, you can take as much as 1,000 to 2,000 mg every two hours for a total of eight hours. On the second day you can then do it three times in the day. While large amounts of vitamin C won’t hurt you, it can sometimes cause gas so be aware and be prepared to lower your consumption if this happens.

Omega 3

This is one that doesn’t always show up on people’s radars, but it can be extremely effective in helping to prevent colds. In particular, there has been research done by Britain’s Institute of Human Nutrition and School of Medicine that showed Omega 3 could help protect a person’s lungs from respiratory infections. It is able to increase a person’s airflow. As well, Omega 3 actually eats bacteria, which helps to prevent cold and flus from developing.


Taking zinc to help prevent and fight cold and flus isn’t a secret; this is one that most people are aware of. It is able to help boost your immune function, so look for zinc lozenges to suck on when you are sick. A typical dosage is to have one lozenge every two hours in order to have the maximum impact.

Part of Your Beauty Routine – An Added Bonus

Now as you take these various supplements to help prevent germs from taking over, did you know there is an added benefit in them? Many vitamins and supplements also help in your beauty routine, promoting healthy, clear, and supple skin. If you’ve been looking into having professional treatments done at the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic, it may be wise to get on a regular schedule of feeding your body with various vitamins.

The Picture of Health

The vitamins mentioned here should be thought of as just part of your arsenal when it comes to preventing and fighting germs. With just a bit of research you will be well on your way to becoming a perfect picture of health.