List of All the Benefits of Taking Genius Pre-workout Supplements

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Before a rigorous exercise in the gym or on the track, many athletes turn to pre-workout supplements for energy. A pre-workout supplement is typically a powder that is mixed with either water or milk with the main aim of providing energy that will boost your performance. 

These drinks have replaced a quick banana or slice of toast before exercising, since it provides much more nutrition and has added benefits. With the number of supplements available on the market, it can be difficult to know whether they actually serve their purpose or not. 

Most advertised pre-workout supplements claim to increase energy and support muscle performance. Considering that many of these products come with a different price tag and ingredients, it can be difficult to be sure of the results. 

Looking at an in-depth Genius pre-workout review, it is clear that high-quality supplements hold much more benefits than others. If you do decide to jump on the pre-workout supplement train, you can expect to experience the following benefits from high-quality brands and products: 

1. Prevents Tiredness and Fatigue During Workout

If you are partaking in a vigorous exercise routine, your body might give in halfway through. This is not good for physical progress, or your ego. Experiencing premature fatigue can be disastrous, that is why pre-workout supplements provide your body with much-needed nutrients to help you push through the entire program. 

It’s important that your body has enough energy to burn during workouts. In order for your muscles to work at an optimum level, it needs enough nutrients to burn through.  You will be amazed at how your muscles start to cut and tone when it has enough energy to perform reps at 120% effort.

2. Higher Physical Performance

Ingredients within the product, such as protein and creatine, help with high intensity exercises. In order for our bodies to reach its maximum physical performance levels it should have enough protein to burn through. Muscle growth and maintenance happen during protein synthesis (a process where amino acids are transformed into proteins). 

To be able to reach a high physical performance rate, the protein synthesis process should exceed the rate at which the body breaks down protein. Watch this informative video on how protein synthesis in the body works:

Keeping your protein levels high, will prevent your body from breaking down your muscles as a source of energy. This will ensure that muscles grow even stronger. Giving you the strength to perform much more difficult and higher intensity reps. 

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3. Avoid Feelings of Nausea

Have you ever embarked on an intense workout session early in the morning only to feel dizzy and nauseas halfway through? Having a big breakfast isn’t really an option when you wake up at 5am for the gym. This will only upset your stomach and make you feel even worse. 

Replacing breakfast with a pre-workout supplement is incredibly beneficial in that it provides your body with the much-needed nutrients and energy. It fills your stomach with just the right amount of fluid in order for you to perform at a high level without feeling stuffed after eating a breakfast sandwich. 

Having something in your stomach will also prevent nausea and dizziness. 

4. Caffeine 

There’s nothing quite like a deliciously aromatic cup of coffee in the morning. Drinking a strong cup of Joe before a workout doesn’t sound very healthy, does it? Regardless, a main ingredient of a pre-workout supplement is caffeine. Amounts ranging from 150 milligrams – 250 milligrams per dose. Considering that the recommended daily caffeine dosage is only 400 milligrams, this is quite high. 

Combined with numerous other nutrients, this combination is rather good for physical performance. Studies have proven that caffeine reduces muscle pain during workouts. Athletes who take high doses of carbohydrates and caffeine after their workouts will have 66% more glycogen in their muscles. 

Read this for more information on the ingredients of performance enhancing supplements. 

5. Improves Stamina, Focus, and Motivation 

Just like many people take enhancers to improve their focus and concentration while studying, pre-workout supplements help with focus during training. Especially if you are a beginner gym junkie, then it will definitely act as a great motivation to keep going. Not only by providing you with the much-needed energy, but by also improving your endurance and stamina. 

Feeling exhausted and fatigued throughout an exercise routine can act as a great demotivator. When you feel energized you will be more focused and motivated to continue on your healthy journey. 


Even though the advantages definitely outweigh any cons, it’s still important to be aware of the drawbacks associated with pre-workout supplements. Here is a list of some of the side effects associated with over use:

  • Sleeplessness and insomnia
  • Can become over stimulated during the day after workout
  • An increase in blood pressure
  • Adrenalin fatigue
  • In severe cases addiction
  • Crash in energy if you become too reliant 

Pre-workout supplements should be used as performance enhancers and shouldn’t be used as a reliant. It’s a great tool to use with rigorous high intensity training programs. Athletes should still maintain a balance in healthy living and eating. 

By no means should you drink the product to boost energy levels throughout the day. If you aren’t incorporating it into your exercise routine, then you shouldn’t be drinking it regularly. 

Always make sure that you buy products from credible manufacturers and dispensaries. Especially if you’re a professional athlete competing in competitions. 

When you push your body to new limits, you will need something that gives it an extra boost. Take a pre-workout supplement 30 minutes to an hour before your exercise routine starts. You will be amazed at the difference in your performance and energy levels. Continuing to add this into your daily diet will make you feel stronger, energized, and healthier than ever before. 

You’ll look amazing and you’ll feel unstoppable. Plus, you’ll be able to reach new body and physical goals that you never even thought possible.