How to Sell Health & Well-Being Products Online

The global trend for health & well-being is looking to be with us for a long time, especially as we endure this current global Covid-19 pandemic, which is a reminder of just how fragile good health & well-being is. If you would like to enter the e-commerce arena and market health products, there are worse choices, and providing you stick firmly to products made from only natural ingredients, you can’t really go wrong.

Shopping Cart Website

Once you have selected products, you can move your focus to creating your e-commerce platform, and by talking to a local web developer or take a web developer course if you would like to do it yourself, you can find out what your options are regarding design and functionality. Magento is a great open source platform that offers a smooth navigating experience and has all the features that you might need, and with your own product images and descriptions, your platform can be built in a few days. A leading UK SEO company like can handle web design, maintenance and also your digital marketing, which is essential.

SEO Services

Any e-commerce website that is serious about generating a high volume of sales will have to invest in SEO services, which are all designed to do one thing; drive traffic to your website. Search engine optimisation will greatly improve your site’s ranking when key word searches are carried out, and this will connect you to the online consumer. You will have lots of competition, regardless of your chosen products and SEO services will help you to carve out a share of the global market. If you are interested in medical marketing, here is an article that looks at why this is an important aspect.

Social Media Marketing

This is one area that you simply can’t afford to overlook, as millions of online consumers buy products via social media platforms, and your SEO partner can handle all of your social media accounts, posting quality content to build a large social media following. You certainly don’t have the time to constantly monitor your social media pages, but the SEO expert can really make good use of these accounts and drive traffic to your platform. Here are some interesting points about best business practices that might be of some help to a young entrepreneur.


The final piece of the jigsaw, you are advised to seek out a local third-party logistics company (3PL), who is geared up for the picking, packing and delivery of online orders. Send them your products and packaging, then forward orders as they come in, and the 3PL provider will ensure prompt order fulfilment. provides a good overview of order fulfillment and its value to small businesses. This is the most cost-effective way to handle order fulfilment, and the logistics company will only bill you for work carried out, plus you do not need to enter into a long, binding contract, as they are very flexible. With your logistics taken care of, you can focus on sourcing new products and improving the website.

If you plan your business carefully and invest in SEO services, your new business should enjoy steady growth during the first year of trading.