Major Differences Between Silver and Resin Fillings

When you go to the dentist with a cavity, your dentist will likely offer to remove the decayed tooth material and then replace it with a filling. Your dentist will generally help you pick the type of filling you need, as there is a distinct difference between the materials used for fillings, which are most commonly amalgam (silver) and composite (resin).

What is a Silver Filling?

Silver fillings are more commonly referred to as amalgam fillings because they are a mixture of mercury, silver, tin and copper made into a stable form. These metals are bonded together to create a durable filling that tends to have a much longer life than the tissue that makes up teeth.

It’s one of the most durable and least expensive materials that you can use to fill holes in your teeth. Compared to other materials used for dental fillings, amalgam fillings are one of the few types of materials suitable for the intense forces involved during the mastication process.

Is It Safe?

One of the chief concerns about silver fillings is their use of mercury, which by itself is toxic to the human body. The difference with silver fillings is that the mercury used is stable. As many health studies have shown, it will not leave the material and enter your body. This makes amalgam fillings safe to use.

What is a Resin Filling?

Resin fillings, more commonly referred to as composite fillings, are made from a mixture of glass and colored plastic. Unlike amalgam fillings, they bond to the teeth and do not require as much healthy tissue to be removed.

The process of putting a resin filling in place is similar to that of am amalgam filling, save for the amount of tooth that needs to be removed and the fact that resin must be cured by an ultraviolet light.

Which Should You Use?

There are advantages and disadvantages of each material. For example, amalgam fillings that are too large may end up inadvertently damaging the healthy tissue of the tooth. Resin fillings, on the other hand, may be too large to adequately withstand the forces of chewing.

The best way to decide upon which material should be used in your teeth is by using the help of an experienced professional like those at the Franklin Dental Center with dentists in Fort McMurray. Dental professionals can help you conclude the best fillings for your teeth while keeping costs down and ensuring that they last for a long time.