Make bath times easier with a bath lift

Having the ability to be independent in the things you do is something that is very important to people. Many able bodied people take this for granted, but for those with mobility problems it can be very frustrating. One of the things that people with mobility problems have the most difficulty with is bathing. However, there are bathing aids that can offer that level of independence that they may be looking for.

There is a selection of Bath Lifts available, here are a few:

  • Sonaris Bathmaster Bath Lift

This bathlift is a very simple design that is very easy to use. It uses a lightweight plastic design that sits in the bath. It has side panels in the seat to make it easier to get onto, it then slowly lowers into the bath. The back can be released if you want to lay down in the bath.

It incorporates a number of safety features such as suckers to stop the chair from slipping. It also will not lower the seat if the battery power is insufficient to raise it again.

  • Bellavita Bath Lift

The Bellavita bath lift works along the same principle as the Sonaris bath lift in the fact that it sits in the bath and can be lowered down. The hand control for the chair has coloured buttons for the visually impaired and also floats so that it is easy to locate.

Because the Bellavita bath lift for elderly is made from lightweight plastics, it is easy to remove the chair and fold it flat for easy storage. It is also very easy to clean and maintain. There are also no issues with rust.

Another advantage with these chairs is that they can fit any type of bath, so if you need to, you can take it with you in its hygienic case so that you can use it in hotels or wherever you may be staying.

These chairs have a huge advantage over fitted bath chairs in that they are portable and can be taken on trips. There is also no need for extra fittings or a specially fitted bath as they can be used with any standard bath.

Bath lifts are really helping those with mobility problems have a better way of life at home. And they also They also remove one of the barriers to going on holiday or visiting friends.