Why You Shouldn’t Compromise On Quality On Your Breast Implants

We would all like to get the cheapest cosmetic surgery possible. Nobody wants to pay anything more than they have to for breast implants. In a lot of cases, it’s a good idea to pay more than the going rate. You get better overall results and you’re less likely to have to deal with complications later on.

The Expertise of the Surgeon

The best surgeons in the world don’t work for free. They’ll go where the work is regular and the money is good. And they can only get paid a high salary if their patients are paying more for their treatments. It’s basic economics. If your clinic is charging an ultra-low price the chances are they aren’t paying their surgeons a huge amount.

Try to opt for a slightly higher price. You’re paying for the professionalism and the experience. It reduces the chance of something going wrong.

The Safety Argument

PIP implants and other variations have been outlawed in many areas of the world. They might have been cheaper, but they decided to cut corners. In the case of PIP implants, they used the cheaper industrial-grade silicone in their implants. They could pass these savings onto customers.

Whilst you might feel good about getting a bargain, the implants you’re paying for might well cause more trouble later on. Think about the potential cost of corrective surgery if something goes wrong. The thousand dollars you saved now could turn into an extra three thousand dollars spent later.

Think about your long-term prospects. Ignore the short-term gains because they often come at the expense of quality.


You want the best care after you’ve gone through surgery. If you pay for just the surgery it’s down to you to take care of your aftercare. The pills and the cost of a bed will have to be paid for separately. This can often lead to a lot of stress for patients as they have to search for deals whilst they’re recovering.

Financially, you don’t get a good deal for your money. The fact is clinics will often reduce the price of aftercare slightly because you’re using them for everything. It’s like attempting to book a luxury holiday. If you book a package deal you’ll normally get it cheaper than if you booked each component separately.

Results and Accountability

A clinic stands by its results. Paying for quality means they’re accountable for the results of your breast augmentation. You don’t get this same level of accountability if you opt for the cheapest option possible. They’re less likely to want to help you and the chances are their reputation is poor.

The best way to plan your surgery is to consider whether you have adequate cover if the worst should happen. If the worst does happen, you won’t have to agonise over what your next move is. Clinics with positive reputations will do everything they can to stand by their results and aid in helping their patients with whatever breast implant issues they’re dealing with.

This article is penned by Dr Jeremy Hunt, a successful cosmetic surgeon. He is also a passionate blogger who shares beauty and health tips through his articles.