Making a Claim for a Dog Attack

Even though the majority of dogs are well behaved and well trained, all animals have the potential to become aggressive and attack. Thankfully such instances are rare, but we have prepared this helpful guide to give you some information about what action you should take if bitten by a dog and how you can make a claim.

A dog attack can result in a serious injury. Bites can vary in severity and in the worst cases a very powerful dog can tear a large mass of flesh from the person it attacks. This can lead to long-term muscle and nerve damage. In some cases, surgery may be necessary to repair the damage caused. The injuries can also result in severe scarring.

An animal attack can be terrifying and can the consequences can be long lasting. The law rightly allows the victims of dog bites the opportunity to make a compensation claim for their injuries.

Medical Attention

The first thing you should do if a dog attacks you is to seek medical attention for your wounds. Even if you think you have only received a minor injury that you can attend to at home, it is still advisable to have your injuries checked over as dogs can carry the highly dangerous rabies virus. It is also possible to underestimate the extent of your injuries after an attack. In some cases bacteria passed on by a dog bite can lead to deadly sepsis if untreated.

When a medical professional assesses you, they will take a note of all of your injury for your medical record. This medical record can be crucial in establishing the extent of your injuries. You may also wish to take photographs of your injuries as this can help to determine how serious the attack was.

Making a Claim

To be able to make a claim you need to be able to demonstrate that someone else’s negligence caused your injuries. An example of this could be that the dog owner failed to control their animal in public. There may have been a duty for the dog owner to put a muzzle on the dog when in public. This is usually only the case with dogs that are known to be aggressive.

Many areas operate strict dog breeding controls and in some places, it is unlawful to breed or own a particular kind of dog. If you have been bitten by a dog that was banned, the dog owner may find themselves facing criminal prosecution in addition to a compensation claim.

The most important step in making a claim for a dog bite is to get in touch with an experienced lawyer. They will be able to assess your claim, make a compensation estimate and support you through the process.