Modalert Modafinil: Smart Alternative for Brain Performance

Are you looking for a hack that will improve your brain performance? Well, taking Modafinil might seem to be the best option for you. You see, most students or freelancers working on bulky assignments will require full mental alertness and perfect brain functioning to accomplish their goals. If you’re sitting for a special exam, or maybe you’re working on a time-sensitive assignment, you cannot afford to take any chances.

Sometimes, it’s quite unfortunate when you notice that your body doesn’t tend to understand why you’re denying it the sleep. So, don’t be surprised to discover that your body is not cooperative at that crucial time when you need it to. Most of the times, you will feel drowsy and lethargic on the day of your exams, or when you need to complete an assignment something which will leave you frustrated.

Now, the good news is that you don’t have to let your body experience the effects of the drowsiness. All you have to do is to buy a smart drug Modalert 200. What really is Modafinil? Sometimes regarded as a limitless pill, Modafinil is a nootropic that is used in the treatment of various sleep disorders, such as narcolepsy, daytime drowsiness, and idiopathic hypersomnia.

Modafinil in action

According to studies conducted by students in Oxford and Harvard Universities, Modalert Modafinil has been discovered to be the world’s first ever smart drug that doesn’t cause any side effects. According to studies, although this smart drug is prescribed for patients suffering from narcolepsy, healthy people have been discovered to use it to improve cognitive function and brain performance.

After reading an article on how this limitless pill transforms sleep-deprived students and young professionals into energetic workhorses, I decided to try it myself, and see whether it could be the answer to my dizziness and laziness while working. Before I could take the capsule, I first took a good look at the side effects to ensure that the pill didn’t leave me dead after consumption. Before I tell you my story, let me first highlight some possible side effects you’re likely to experience after taking this smart drug.

What to expect when using Modafinil

  • High level of stimulation: the primary objective of taking Modafinil Modalert is to increase your level of energy. This drug stimulates your brain giving you a high level of concentration even if you’re exhausted or under stress.
  • Reduced appetite: another effect you’ll experience when taking Modafinil is suppressed appetite. Often times when you’re busy, it feels quite disappointing to leave your work and grab something to eat. When taking Modafinil, you don’t have to worry about anything as the drug puts your hunger at bay until you’re ready to eat.
  • Side effects: there is no drug that doesn’t cause side effects especially when abused. Before taking any medicines, always check whether the adverse effects will be tolerable, or too severe to handle. Among the possible side effects of Modafinil Modalert are headache, nausea, increased heartbeat, insomnia, nervousness, and dehydration.

Now, after swallowing the neon orange capsule, I spent the next two hours typing and doing some research on a topic related to crypto-currency. Although I was getting impatient, I was hopeful that the nootropic (which is mostly taken by ER doctors, engineers, pilots, and Silicon Valley millionaires) will be the answer to my drowsiness.

Now, was anything ever going to happen or was this just a myth? At around, 12:00PM, I noticed that I hadn’t taken my usual 10:00AM pizza. I mean, unlike other days, I was feeling satisfied and quite comfortable, and all I could think about was to finish up my project, and move on to the next milestone.

The kick arrived at around noon when I agreed to take another task after a successful completion of the first assignment. I was so into the job that I didn’t realize it was lunchtime. I was completely engrossed and hungry to write than ever before. Although the drug really stimulated my brain to its limits, I was left with one burning question ringing in my mind: how does Modalert Modafinil work?

How does Modafinil enhance brain function?

Various researches have been carried out to understand the effects of Modafinil on our brain functioning. The majority of these researches have concluded that this smart drug reduces exhaustion, stress, and drowsiness.

A report conducted in Cambridge University revealed that Modafinil Modalert is effective in reducing cases of bad decision making while another report revealed that this drug has the capability of helping people with low IQ. Another report concluded that this smart drug stimulates the brain to release hormone histamine that keeps you awake for long periods of time. Unlike the other reports, this one has revealed to us why astronauts and armed forces take Modalert 200 to stay awake during long-duration missions.

What’s the right dosage for Modafinil?

Modafinil is a well-prescribed drug that is generally safe when taken at prescribed dosages. The usual dose for the majority of adults or people with narcolepsy is 200mg daily. The drug is mostly taken in the morning before eating any meals, or one hour prior to commencing your daily work (for patients with shift work disorders).

How safe is Modafinil?

Well, according to me, this smart drug is fairly safe to use. However, looking at it a little deeper, this medicine can be safe, and at the same time, it can be dangerous depending on how your body responds to nootropics. The best thing about this smart drug is that the majority of users have reported little side effects making the smart drug quite safe as compared to other stimulants. Some major reasons that truly reveal thatModafinil is a safe drug include:

  • It’s not a stimulant: Modafinil is not a stimulant drug like Cocaine or Adderall. When taken, you won’t feel energized or rapid heart-beat but instead, you’ll feel less sleepy and more focused when working either at night or during the day.
  • It’s not addictive: Another reason that makes Modafinil a safe drug is the fact that it’s not addictive. Modafinil will not leave you with a burning desire to pop another pill after some time.
  • No risks: Modafinilis not a risky drug when abused or taken in high quantities. Most prescription medicaments can cause low or high side effects when abused, but in the case of Modafinil, the adverse effects are pretty marginal making it safe for both students and young professionals.

Is Modafinil legal?

There has been an ethical debate revolving around the use of Modalert Modafinil to increase cognitive performance. Although the drug is prescribed to patients with narcolepsy or shift sleep disorders, students and online hustlers continued to use this medicine, raising the questions about whether the drug is legal.

In the United States, for instance, Modafinil Modalert has been grouped as a schedule IV controlled substance alongside Valium and Xanax. Although there are no strict legal actions, you cannot get a prescription for this drug unless you provide enough proof as to why you need it. When buying Modafinil through the drugstore, you’ll get it through the brand name Provigil that it’s much pricier as compared to buying it online.

In most countries around the globe, Modafinil is legal and can be accessed through a prescription from a licensed medical doctor. However, in countries, such as China and Russia, Modalert is described as a schedule II controlled substance, and is grouped alongside other stimulant drugs such as cocaine and morphine.

Final Thoughts

After a long day of my initial experiment, I discovered that Modalert Modafinil was truly a brain stimulant drug with lots of benefits. Although I was left sweating, the medicine left me with a feeling I have never experienced before. I was confident, bold and more productive, as compared to when I was sober.

Finally, as an online hustler who relies on smart drugs to stay awake, I would like to recommend you as the reader to consider taking Modafinil over stimulant drugs, such as cocaine and morphine. Although this medicament is prescribed to patients with narcolepsy, people with no sleep disorders should avoid taking this smart drug in large amounts, as it can cause health issues in the long run.