Mustard Oil as a Way to Improvement of Hair Growth

Olive OilYou may be surprised but mustard oil is a really popular product used in cosmetic and beauty industry. It has a lot of advantages for the health. Usually we use mustard oil in cooking to create special pleasant flavor and to apply it on the parts of body to remove pain. Sometimes it even used to get rid of excessive hair growth on the body and to strengthen the bones. Mustard oil warms the body perfectly. In cold winter months it should be applied on the skin to keep it warm and to treat arthralgia. For example, you can apply it on your face to make it moisturize,  but it’s not just great for skin. Mustard oil is also very useful in the beauty industry since it’s an essential oil for hair. In fact, it’s great for facilitating hair growth and strength, so that you’ll not only have more hair, but it’ll break and tear less frequently. It contains beta carotene which turns into vitamin A and provokes hair growth. Mustard oil is a perfect natural product which helps to struggle with dandruff. So now we will tell you how to apply mustard oil on your hair in order to receive perfect result.

Mustard plant belongs to the cabbage and Brussels sprout family. Mustard oil is extracted from the seeds of mustard plant. In ancient Greece it was used for medical purposes.

It is enriched with vitamins and minerals. Mustard oil contains not only vitamin A but also of iron, fatty acids, calcium and magnesium which improve hair texture. Hair loss may occur if there is not enough selenium or zinc in the organism. As a consequence, when you massage mustard oil into the scalp, it promotes hair growth. If you are used to utilize hair conditioner during shampoo, you may want to try the recipe of handmade conditioner with mustard oil, it has a lot of advantages and you can read a detailed guideline through the link

Mustard oil use on scalp was first practiced four thousand years ago. It accelerates blood circulation which has positive effect on your organism. Massage with mustard oil makes your skin tight. If to use it regularly then you will see a wonderful result-your hair will be strong and long.

Useful tips that will help you to apply mustard oil correctly

Application of mustard oil on your scalp has a lot of advantages. After application you should put on a shower cap or a warm towel (which is more effective because it helps to unblock pores and the effect will be much better, because oil will penetrate into deeper layers of your skin). Leave it during the night or three hours before you shampoo your hair.

If you don’t have enough time then you can use a rapid method. Apply oil for ten minutes and use a hairdryer. You will receive the effect of warm towel which will help to reach the roots. After this procedure you should shampoo your hair and don`t forget to use the conditioner. You should know that mustard oil has a thick texture and it is rather difficult to wash it off. In addition, it has a strong odor so you may need to wash your hair more than once. Nevertheless this method is really effective and you will see a wonderful result.

Some more recommendations:

  1. In order to dilute the thick texture of a mustard oil you can try to mix it with your hair oil, which you usually use. The application will be much easier and you will not need to spend a lot of time on washing it off from your hair.
  2. You can make a special mixture by yourself. You will need to combine mustard seeds, some henna leaves and your hair oil. Then you should heat this thick mixture. When you get the desired consistency you should filter the leaves. Apply the received oil on your scalp the night before you are going to wash your hair.
  3. Henna leaves are very effective in stimulation of hair growth. You can add some henna leaves into mustard oil and wait until they boil. Then filter the oil to get rid of leftovers of leaves and massage this mixture into your scalp systematically. This procedure will help you to reduce hair loss.
  4. If you need to get rid of dandruff then the next recipe is for you. Combine mustard castor and coconut oils in equal amounts and massage this mixture into your scalp. Keep it for four hours and then shampoo properly.
  5. To increase the effect of these masks you need to lead the healthy way of life and keep to a healthy diet. Only then you will receive a perfect result.

Now you know all the methods and recipes that will help you to stimulate the hair growth. Follow them to receive thick and radiant hair in a natural way.