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Three Effective Treatments for Ugly Warts

The source of a wart is the human papilloma virus. These unsightly warts can be irritated very easily, they can grow or spread to other body parts and even other people, they can be painful,and depending on their location they can also be very embarrassing. When warts get to these levels, there are a few ways you can treat the warts to prevent the spreading and ultimately rid yourself of the wretched skin problems.

A Treatment For Use in the Home

For the person with warts but without the money to seek out a professional, there is a treatment for personal use in the home. Other products can provide a simpler and more affordable form of cryotherapy. These products like it use a mixture of propane and dimethyl ether instead of the typical liquid nitrogen cryotherapy. The mixture of propane and dimethyl ether is what soaks the foam applicator that comes into contact with the wart. Sometimes it is more effective to “shave” or file the wart before the treatment to open microscopic places in the wart for easier access for the chemicals. These types of treatments usually last for a few sessions during the time period of about a month or two.

Wart Treatment in the Doctor’s Office

Orthopedic specialists are especially adept at wart removal, and specialists like Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic could help you take care of your warts once and for all. Using laser therapy, or cryotherapy, which involves freezing a wart using a very cold substance (usually liquid nitrogen), doctors can remove warts. This liquid nitrogen treatment typically takes a little bit less than a minute. The treatment at the doctor’s office may be a bit more painful than the at-home treatment because the doctor must first use a small knife to trim the wart. If the pain becomes unbearable, as it sometimes does for certain people, a local anesthetic for numbing can be administered.

Using this method, the wart may need up to four treatments with up to three weeks between each session. The pain after treatment may last up to three days with complete healing within two weeks.

Surprisingly Effective Wive’s Tale

Have you ever heard of using duct tape to get rid of warts? Some doctors claim that tape is actually an effective treatment. You simply wrap tape around the wart four times and leave it for six and a half days. You then remove the tape for half a day. This treatment may need to be repeated for up to four weeks before the wart actually goes away.

So if you have an unsightly wart you want to get rid of, these methods are proven to be effective and are worth a try!