New Medical Technique Allows You To Be Proactive About Your Health

Most of the time, we only go to the physician’s office if we are already feeling ill. We wait to be sick in order to be cured. Isn’t it time that we change our behavior? What if we could avoid being sick all together?

Rather being reactive about your health – perhaps you should be pro-active! Find the disease before it finds you! Thwarting off disease while you are in good health allows you to age in peak mental and physical shape and enjoy your twilight years.

Ways To Be Proactive About Your Health

Another way to be proactive about your health is to change your life style behavior. Some easy ways that you can be proactive include:

  • Scheduling regular preventive visits with an anti-aging physician
  • Sleep between 7 to 8 hours a night
  • Get the recommended 30 minutes of exercise a day
  • See alternative and natural treatments rather than relying on prescription drugs
  • Switching to organic products especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables.

By being proactive about your health you cannot only live a longer and happier life but you can also cut down your health care costs. The estimated cost of going to the ER is approximately $2,000. By making a few simple changes to your life, you can avoid the unnecessary medical expenses in the future and spend more time with your loved ones and family – rather than spending time in the hospital.

As more and more technology becomes available in the field of medicine, the customary physical exam is becoming obsolete. By not taking advantage of this new technology, doctors who perform the traditional exams can miss symptoms and potentially misdiagnose major warning signs.

Why Ultrasound Screenings Are The Wave Of The Future

First and foremost, ultrasound technology is a non-invasive as well as low cost health screening tool that is already used in preventative medicine. It is currently used in stroke and heart attack cases to help detect the abnormal functioning of vital organs.

One of the ways you can be proactive about your health is having a doctor who can perform a head to toe ultrasound exam. This way you can determine if these abnormalities and other warning signs exist within your body before they turn into something serious like a heart attack or stroke. Keep in mind these abnormalities cannot be seen in a traditional hands-on physical exams or even through routine blood work.

Why Is This Not Being Used By Every Doctor?

Unfortunately, most medical insurance companies do not consider advanced preventative tests eligible for coverage. They might if the patient is exhibiting symptoms but this goes against the philosophy of being proactive rather than reactive. If you want to be pro-active about your health, it’s best to find a doctor that offers ultrasound screenings at a reasonable cost.

“I’m so happy to offer this new technology to my patients” says Dr. Judi Goldstone, the medical director of the Southern California Center for Anti-Aging. “As a board certified physician, it brings me joy that I can offer this to my patients at a lower cost and know I am doing something beneficial for their health.”

New medical technology in conjunction with a few lifestyle changes can help you live a much longer and happier life.