Parent Care: 5 Clear Signs Your Aging Parent Needs a Caregiver

Most people find caring for an elderly parent rewarding rather than a burden. 

Nevertheless, eventually, your parents need more care than you can provide.

While our parents care for us while we’re young, it’s not always possible to give your aging parent the care they need. That’s why it’s important to know when you need to hire a professional caregiver.

Check out our top 6 warning signs to look for when professional parent care is needed to make sure they get everything they require.

1. They Keep Forgetting Things 

We know that around forty-percent of people over the age of 65 suffer from age-related memory loss.

Your aging parent may start to misplace items and forget to pay bills on time. But, this can quickly escalate.

Before you know it, they could be forgetting to lock the door at night or feed themselves when they’re hungry.

2. Loss of Mobility to Get Around 

As your parents get older, they’ll also lose the ability to get around. This can happen suddenly if they have a fall or get sick.

But, if your aging parents spend a lot of time sitting around and aren’t mobile anyway, this could worsen their capacity to move as well.

If they cannot get around their own home, then they cannot live without almost 24-hour support around them.

3. They Refuse to Eat Anything

When your parents age over time, they may not have the same appetite as before. Nonetheless, you may also start to notice that they are barely eating at all.

If you spot that they’re not cooking for themselves and they’re not eating enough to stay healthy, you need to act immediately.

A poor diet can cause your elderly parent’s condition to get even worse as they’re not getting the nutrients they need to get by.

This may even suggest that your parent needs an overnight caregiver to provide everything they need to stay healthy.

4. Drastic Changes in Behavior

If you notice any changes in behavior that have concerned you, you may need to get a professional caregiver to support your parents.

As your aging parents get older, they could undergo personality changes. Are they making accusations against people? Have they started to shout loudly for no reason?

Anything that is a significant change from their normal behavior should raise alarm bells that you need to get help.

5. There is a Mess Everywhere

If you have started to suspect that your parent isn’t looking after anything anymore. They may have unopened mail lying around.

But, you may notice that they’re not washing or doing basic household chores. This means that you need to get them to help around the house.

Getting Parent Care for Your Loved One

When your loved ones are getting older it’s not easy to deal with. But, you need to realize when your elderly parent needs parent care.

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