Pikler triangle: why does your kid need it so much?

If you have children, consider buying a Pikler triangle for them. This piece of climbing furniture will always keep them entertained. It will enable the kids to develop their physical and intellectual abilities. Also, climbing furniture will become an elegant decoration for their room: it nicely fits into interiors of any style and color palette. In summer, you can place it outside in the garden.

What is Pikler triangle?

It is a climbing triangle named after Emmi Pikler, a visionary pediatrician from Hungary from the previous century. While working in an orphanage, she noticed that all children have an innate desire to explore the world. Teachers or parents do not need to encourage them to learn — but they need to provide the little ones the maximum freedom of movement.

Kids should be able to play, crawl, climb, walk, run and jump as much as they can. It is ok if they fall down from time to time because this will teach them to get up and make a second attempt. Children who are allowed to move freely grow up being curious, sociable and proactive. They perform well at school and are persistent at achieving their goals.

The Pikler triangle and other elements of climbing furniture allow the small ones to hone their gross motor skills. These skills are connected with movements that we make with our limbs, torso and head.

When you put climbing furniture in your kid’s room, you will not need to ask them to use it. They will quickly understand how to make the most of it!

What age is the Pikler Triangle best for?

We advise parents to purchase Pikler furniture as soon as the baby is born or even before that.

  • You can spread a blanket under the triangle and put the baby on the blanket. Hang toys on the bars of the triangle so that the child can watch and touch them.
  • A bit later, toddlers will learn to sit and stand up straight, holding on to the triangle.
  • Finally, they will start to walk and run around this piece of furniture, climb it and invent different games with it.

The small ones will keep enjoying Pikler items until they go to school. If you have several kids of different ages, the triangle can serve them for many years.

How do we – BumbleBee Smart store – make and produce Pikler triangles?

We do our best to make our products beautiful, safe and entertaining. To build Pikler furniture, we use eco-friendly and durable birch plywood. Some items remain unpainted. To decorate the others, we use water-based paints and varnishes that do not provoke allergies.

We offer triangles of two sizes: small and standard. The small ones will fit even into the most compact room. Feel free to combine these triangles with other items of Pikler furniture: arches, cubes, ramps and ladders. The more components you have, the more structures you can compile with them.

Our triangles are foldable. You can easily put them in your luggage or the trunk of your car and take them with you on a trip or to your country house. But they cannot fold accidentally when the child is playing with them — to do so, you need to put some effort.

We have two daughters ourselves, so we understand very well the answer to the question “What is a Pikler triangle for?”. Based on our own experience, we can confirm that this type of furniture is essential for children’s development.

Is Pikler triangle worth it?

Absolutely! Emmi Pikler was a true genius. Her inventions will never go out of fashion because kids adore them. The triangle encourages open-ended play — that is, games that can go on forever. It fosters the children’s creativity and allows them to have fun, no matter if they are alone or with their friends.

While the youngest generation of the family is busy with climbing furniture, their parents can relax. You can be sure that the little ones are safe and will not disturb you for quite a long time.

Hopefully, this article gave you comprehensive answers to the questions “What is Pikler triangle?” and “What age is a Pikler triangle for?”. On our site, you can order sensory walls too. They are also known as sensory panels or busy boards. These are large panels with multiple small items attached to them: zip lockers, pieces of cloth, shoelaces and so on. By playing with them, your son or daughter will remember the names of these items and will learn how to use them.

We ship our products worldwide and keep our prices at a reasonable level. If you have questions, feel free to contact us! We will be glad to consult you and recommend the best furniture and toys for your kids.