Postpartum Problems: 4 Treatment Options to Consider

The reality is that postpartum problems come in many forms. Oftentimes, a woman experiences more than one of these issues. Ideally, a woman experiencing postpartum problems or issues is able to obtain treatments for them through one provider, rather than having to make multiple appointments and deal with professionals at different locations. Centers and facilities exist that provide comprehensive postpartum treatments for women. Four common treatment options exist for the most commonly occurring postpartum problems or issues.


Postpartum Depression

One of the most common types of postpartum problems experienced by new mothers is depression. Indeed, in some cases, that depression can become debilitating. Nearly all women experience the proverbial “baby blues” following childbirth, which typically is the result of change in hormone levels. Between 10 to 20 percent of women experience full blown postpartum depression, which can have serious effects.


Holistic interventions and other treatments can be effective in reducing the symptoms associated with the baby blues and even full-blown depression. However, professional assistance and intervention is the best course to ensure that more than moderate baby blues do not progress into severe depression. If you are struggling with depression after giving birth, visiting a center like The PolyClinic is an important step to take. Qualified doctors will be able to provide you the medical treatments and medications necessary and can help you receive counseling as well if needed.


Hemorrhoids and Constipation

Another area in which women seek postpartum treatments is in dealing with hemorrhoids and constipation. Rather than immediately resorting to medications, a variety of natural remedies and holistic treatments exist for a woman needing to address hemorrhoids and constipation following childbirth. Hemorrhoids, for instance, can be treated by alternating hot and cold exposure for pain relief. Applying a witch hazel salve has also proven effective. If natural remedies aren’t doing the trick, your doctor can also prescribe medication to help you. As is the case with addressing the baby blues and depression, early intervention represents the best course for a woman to take to minimize these types of problems.



Uterine, kidney, bladder, and other types of infections plague many women following childbirth. Indeed, because such a large percentage of women experience these problems, truly taking a proactive stance before a problem erupts truly is a preferable course. There are natural treatments and remedies a woman can utilize that effectively reduce the risks of infections of certain types and also work to fight an infection if one occurs. For instance, drinking cranberry juice can help combat bladder and urinary tract infections.


Urinary Incontinence

A significant number of women experience at least some degree of urinary incontinence following childbirth. Once again, there are natural, holistic remedies available to assist in reducing and eliminating this type of problem. For example, Kegel exercises oftentimes prove effective in eliminating urinary incontinence experienced by some women following the birth of a child. Professionals can assist not only in assisting a women in understanding how to best undertake these exercises, but can also explain other treatments that exist to deal with this type of issue.


Early professional intervention represents the fundamental step to optimize the effects associated with any treatment regimen for one or another of the more common types of postpartum problems frequently experienced by women following childbirth. There are a number of postpartum issues new mothers need to be aware of and keep a lookout for. Keeping these common problems and treatments in mind will help you to stay healthy and happy enough to enjoy the time with your new baby.

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