Prolonged Fever and Other Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Your body is prone to countless types of ailments that can throw you curve balls throughout your life. Most of the time, physical illnesses or discomforts are harmless and treatable at home.

However, there are some symptoms you should always address with a doctor right away. Things like a prolonged fever could be a sign of an underlying health issue.

To find out what health issues should throw up a red flag, keep reading.

Prolonged Fever

Viruses like the flu or common cold usually cause slight fevers. This is your body’s natural defense against illness. In these cases, fevers go away after a few days.

However, if a fever persists for over three days, you need to see a doctor immediately. There may be something else going on.

A prolonged fever could mean you’ve developed a further infection, possibly in your bladder or kidneys. You may also have a more severe illness like pneumonia or tuberculosis.

Sudden Weight Loss

Sure, if you’re trying to drop a few pounds, seeing results is a good thing. If you haven’t made any lifestyle changes and start losing weight fast, you need to seek urgent care immediately.

Sudden weight loss could be a result of certain types of cancers, digestive disorders, diabetes, or an overactive thyroid. This is more common in older people.

Your doctor will need to run a series of tests to pinpoint the exact cause of weight loss.

Bowel Irregularity

For the most part, your bowel movements should remain consistent. If you start having unusual issues, you shouldn’t ignore them.

Constipation or diarrhea that lasts for over a week is a warning sign. You should also take action if you have blood in your stools or feel the urge to have a bowel movement more than usual.

These types of issues could indicate a bacterial infection in the gut or something more serious like colon cancer.

Unexplained Vision Issues

Problems with your vision aren’t always a sign of an eye issue. They could be a symptom of something else, especially if they come out of nowhere.

If you suddenly experience double vision, blurriness, or vision loss, get to the doctor right away. These types of issues are common after a stroke.

Vision problems are also associated with diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain infectious diseases.

Shortness of Breath

If you start noticing sudden shortness of breath when you’re not exerting yourself, it’s time to see your doctor. This could indicate a heart or respiratory issue.

Everything from lung cancer to obesity can cause breathing issues. Your doctor will need to run some tests.

Keep in mind that anxiety can cause shortness of breath. If you’re under tremendous stress, you need to find ways to decompress.

Don’t Ignore Symptoms That Impact Your Life

Nobody wants to deal with a serious health issue. However, early detection increases your chance of a quick recovery.

If you have prolonged fever or any of the other symptoms discussed above, talk to your doctor right away.

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