10 Fitness tips for well-being

If you want to lead your life in a harmonious way, maybe you should start by making a decision to achieve that particular goal.

Today’s life is never easy. Countless obligations make stress the norm in an increasingly demanding daily life. We must do away with stress and take measures that allow us to lead a full and healthy life.

1. Be aware of your tastes, it is the best way to remain in harmony with yourself. Do not let your occupations keep you from doing what you like best. If your hobby is reading, watching movies, cooking, listening to music, do it often, so you can maintain a space that, while you can share with others, is your priority.

2. Exercise is fundamental. In contrast, a sedentary lifestyle is an unhealthy habit. Exercise is to the spirit what food is to the body, a kind of ‘gasoline’ without which we cannot develop all our capacities and fulfil our expectations.

3.  There is no better way to lose fat than to practice aerobic exercise. So, running, walking or swimming constantly for 30 or 40 minutes a day is good practice for your abs to start getting stronger.

4. Keep your brain active by putting organization into your tasks: dedicate a reasonable amount of time, for example one hour, to each one. If you can’t finish one in those 60 minutes, continue with the next one and come back to that one later. Alternating them throughout the day will keep your brain alert.

5. Many nutritionists recommend eating several times a day to keep your metabolism active, and nuts and other dried fruits are recommended for staying in shape. However, you should eat them in moderation because, although they are allowed in a diet, they have calories.

6. Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences. It is traditional to study Ayurveda before beginning the practice of yoga, because Ayurveda is the science of the body and from this the individual is considered fit to study yoga. Ayurveda indicates the type of yoga appropriate for each person.

7. If you think that eliminating carbohydrates from your diet is a panacea, we remind you that a low-calorie diet is more effective than one low in carbohydrates, protein or fat. The amount of calories you eat is what ultimately helps you lose weight.

8. To give your metabolism a ‘boost’, properly mix carbohydrates and protein. Protein is found in red meat, eggs, milk, cheese, and yogurt. Carbohydrates are found in cookies, oatmeal, corn, and whole wheat flour. 

9.  Eat right. This means that you should eat your three meals of the day wisely and set aside time for this. The worst thing a person can do to his or her body is to eat poorly and at the wrong time. Even if you diet, it must be reasonable, professionally guided and, above all, methodical in terms of quantity and time.

10. Meditation is an ideal relaxation exercise that comes from the Hindu and Buddhist currents of India. We must not forget the importance of stopping for a moment, breathing deeply and thus calming the anguish that day to day brings. It is possible to do it by adjusting it to the modern lifestyle, thus giving our own exercise some vitality.