Reduce Stress & Manage Mental Health when Moving Home

Relocating is known as one of the most stressful things you’ll encounter in your entire adult life. From the initial house hunting to putting your own home on the market, things are rarely straightforward. It is understandable that you’ll want to put your own stamp on the new property almost instantly, but step back and think about things for a while. Financially, and almost certainly emotionally too, it makes sense to wait a little longer and to avoid rushing into decisions you may have to live with for a few years. We offer you a few thoughts on things within your bedroom in an attempt to alleviate unnecessary stress levels. 

The Furniture

Most people bring the furniture from their previous home to their new one, not only in a bid to save a little money during an expensive process, but also to retain a bit of normality. However, if you were pining after a new wardrobe or your bed was beginning to get uncomfortable, now could be a good time to splash out. You see the perfect bed; don’t forget to pair it with a top-quality. So, what mattress size do you need? The best way to find out is by asking for advice in the shop in which you bought the bed or by using the precise measurements from the product description. 

The Walls

Perhaps your new bedroom is painted or has wallpaper not to your taste. Will it affect you negatively if you don’t change it immediately? If you really feel strongly about the walls or perhaps it would be awkward to move the furniture out again, check the quality of the walls before making any firm decisions. If the walls are uneven and you want to avoid re-plastering, a textured wallpaper can hide a multitude of sins. Plump for a color you’re certain of and one which will complement other items you’re keen to utilise in your new bedroom e.g. furniture, bedding, curtains. 

The Floor

Replacing carpet is not a cheap option. However, for some, the thought of years of other people’s dust can be really off-putting. Consider using a carpet cleaner a couple of times to rid the existing flooring of any unsavories. If the wooden floor or tiles are good quality, just make sure to give them a good clean prior to moving any furniture in. For this, choose a well-rated hardwood floor cleaner to ensure the best finish. 

The Windows

Sometimes, previous occupants may leave behind blinds or curtains. These are unlikely to be to your taste or match the things you’ve brought with you. However, it is sensible to keep them until you are in a position to replace. If, conversely, you are left with no coverings for the windows, consider the finish you’re hoping for. Do you want a boutique French boudoir or a masculine industrial feel? Buy something that will match your own style. Plain colours are recommended to avoid clashing patterns. 

The Woodwork

If woodwork has been painted in a gloss white, the chances are it will have yellowed slightly over the years. Be sure to give it a quick lick of paint prior to moving everything in. Alternatively, if you are in a hurry, make sure to do this before you get any new flooring laid. There’s nothing worse than getting gloss on carpet or wooden flooring!