Sensitive skin? How to pick an electric shaver

The average man starts shaving at 13 and until the age of 85. It would only make sense to make they can have an enjoyable 72-year shaving experience. But given that so many have sensitive skin, there are some special considerations to take.

The International Dermal Institute conducted a survey. According to the results, some 79 percent of male respondents said they have one or more skin problems they were aware of on a daily basis.

“Oh please, why are you being so sophisticated”?

Actually, it’s not a matter of being little princesses: Shaving imposes constant stress on the skin and even more so when your shaver is not a good fit.  Shaving equates to physical exfoliation and that can very much affect the health your skin. Nobody wants nasty razor bumps or ingrown hair with visible inflammation. To reduce the trauma associated with bad shaving, the starting point is to select the right shaver. Then you need to learn quickly how to use it. Preparation and after care also helps a lot, although it cannot negate the fact that the first point is to choose the best shaver.

Some men feel that electric shavers is the way out and they want to know: “Which is the best electric shaver I could possible choose?”. This is not to say that we don’t see innovation with ordinary blades, but there are other reasons too why a lot of men prefer a dry shave.

Fair enough, but what makes a good shaver?

Now in general, a good electric shaver should have a fast motor, with sharp blades and a shaving head that stays cool during preparation – it should not heat up. It should be good at dealing with hairs that grow in their own direction. You also want to spoil yourself with a shaver that can operate both dry and wet, so you can use water if feeling like it. There is however one thing that is a key determining factor here: To overcome issues with sensitive skin, it is all about the distance of the blade from the skin. The closer the blade can get to the skin – the better.

What we learned from Shaver Guru:

Instead of sampling hundreds of electric shavers to find a good one, you might want to start at the top. We turned to “Shaver Guru” to narrow down the top of the range.  In their side-by-side review of the best electric shaver: they have picked the Braun Series 9 9095cc. At best, a few other review sites also picked Braun, closely followed by Remington and Philips Norelco with Panasonic almost breaking into the market. Based on that we knew that Shaver Review was backed by the status quo.

Why did, and other trusted review sites like ProductExpert they pick it? It ticks all the boxes, for example it has a foil-style shaving head that contains four rows of cutters. All the blades are all encased within each one with the two central ones as cutting combs. It has two blades on either side, acting as foils with slots. What this does, is to capture normal, coarse and flat-laying hairs before cutting them. Closely behind it was the Braun series 7 followed by the Philips Norelco S9721/87. As you’ll see below, they provided ample justification for their choice.

Image comparison of the top 3 shavers according to Shaver Guru:  

General tips on electric shaving:

The fact that you’ve picked the best shaver is only the start. It is still important to do things that are good for your skin. With so much research being done in the past – we have a good idea of how to make this enjoyable. Your skin has natural oils which are best removed prior to shaving. This is done by using a pre-shave product that is alcohol based.  When starting out with your new shaver, test it to find out which angle works best – remember that is what you’d be using in future.  Also note that although electric shavers come with a much longer lifespan, they can also get old and have wear and tear.

Final scoop:

It’s totally OK to get a little concerned if your shaving experience is not great. It’s not OK to be stingy and buy the cheapest blade razor from a discount store because your skin will surely suffer if it’s sensitive (remember that’s around 80% of men). If you’re going to treat yourself to an electric razor, why not make sure it’s one that has been thoroughly reviewed and tested on you personally?

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