How to choose Elderly Care Seating

It is not easy to see your loved ones getting older and losing their independence. Most aging people prefer staying in their homes for as long as possible. For their families, this means adjusting the house to meet the needs of their loved ones. Aside from obtaining a hospital bed to replace a traditional bed, there are other considerations to keep in mind. The quality of the mattress is one of them. Fabric covered mattresses are not practical as your loved one might have accidents. Polyurethane is much easier to clean and maintain than other fabrics. It is also long lasting and can stretch to be more comfortable than other plastic coverings.

The type of furniture you purchase to meet the changing needs of your aging parent should be flexible and adapt to different situations. It must be easy to use while maintaining comfort and safety features. Any chair or seating you purchase for an elder should be comfortable as they will spend many hours sitting in it every day. Adjustable features should be electronic or electric and require simple movement on easy to read remote controls or buttons.

In a chair or recliner, Colson caster wheels would be useful to easily move the furniture from room to room or somewhere in the room during the day. It should offer head support, so your parent does not exhaust their strength trying to keep their head up. Lateral support is also a good feature and helps prevent patients from leaning to one side when their muscles are not sufficiently strong to keep them up anymore. A foot rest is an amazing aspect that is too often forgotten. Your parent will appreciate having their feet rest on a sturdy surface rather than dangling in the air.

Once each of these elements are considered and met, your loved one must feel comfortable and in safety in their new chair. Lift chairs are a wonderful invention in that respect as elderly people are no longer afraid to be trapped in a chair, unable to get up. They simply have to activate the mechanism for the chairs to rise and bring them to a standing position. Sturdy armrests also help them get up safely, without fear of falling.

Aside from the type of chairs, the fabric it is covered with and the other features you may wish to include, spend some time reviewing what other people think of each model. Knowing your loved one’s dimensions will also help you make the right choice. You want a seating piece that is sturdy, durable, easy to clean and, most of all, fits your parent’s proportions. The most expensive, luxurious chair will be of no use if it is too big or too small for your parent. Take your time and try a few of them before you settle on a model. Call your nearest supplier to see if they have a showroom near you. If they don’t they might offer free trial on some of their products. Take advantage of these offers and do not settle for anything than what is best for your loved ones.